Monday, April 6, 2009

"I want to go to there" and Creative Cats Tuesday

When I was visiting Sarah last year she introduced me to a beautiful place called Hobby Lobby. I thought it was such a fun store. Since then they have actually built one semi-close to me, but until today I haven't gotten over there. Oh yes, I want to go to there..(30 rock fans will know what I'm talking about). They have lots of stuff that I love...including INEXPENSIVE fabric. And don't even get me started on the knobs. I could eat their knobs for breakfast, lunch and dinner they are so yummy. I bought these dainty little pink and greens today.
They were half off of $2.99!!! Honestly, knobs that are affordable!! If you haven't been there yet, I suggest you give it a go. From what I understand they have 40-50% off sales all of the time. You can also print a coupon off of their website. I decided to try and start making some shelves totally by myself instead of having to rely on my sweet hubby(who is so willing to help with everything). That wasn't sarcastic, he really is. I just want to try and get better with the ol' tools. I got this one mostly done and realized the cord for our air compressor is at the neighbors. At least I got it mostly done! I was thinking about putting the cute little knobs on the bottom of this one, but I got a little paint happy, so it may be too busy for them now. We'll have to see how it all pans out. Another cool thing that happened today is that I got to see Hannah!! She brought her kids over to visit. What an awesome surprise to brighten my day! She also did a very sweet thing and made us some business cards!! I LOVE them. They make me smile. Thanks Hannah!!

OK, so I'm sorry I'm rambling on and on. It's late and that's what happens when I'm tired:) It's 11:30, so I figured it was close enough to Tuesday to introduce Creative Cats Tuesday!! So if you have any creative ideas or projects you've been working on that you'd like to share with the rest of the class, here is your chance!! I'm going to repost Lisa's from last week because I'm not sure if anyone got a chance to see it! Very cute idea!! When you link up, your name doesn't show up on the blog. You will just be able to see it when you click on the linky button. After you leave your link, leave me a comment so I'll know to move your name to the blog post so it will be easier for people to see. Any and all are welcome!


  1. Hi, Andy! A little late, but it's still Tuesday, right? Well, I was all motivated by your kitchen organizing, so I decided to do my bathroom. Got the baskets for a dollar each, so it was only $10.00 AND it looks great now. :) Don't know if it counts for Creative Cats Tuesday, but it should. :)

  2. I think "I want to go there" too! Where's Hobby Lobby?

  3. Oops ! I guess I should have posted that. Hobby Lobby is in South Jordan. 11696 S. 3600 W. It's by a bunch of other stores. I think it's called The District.


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