Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creative Cats Tuesday

Last night I really wanted to make a pegboard for a friend that just had a baby. I went running with a neighbor and I was so wiped out afterwards that I didn't really have the energy to do it. Joe asked me what I was thinking about and then he went and made one for me. I only had to do the fun painting part! That was the coolest of cool. I was wondering what it would be like to paint with a sponge. I figured that I use sponge brushes all the time, so why not a regular sponge? I'll tell you why not, because it leaves little shreds on what you are painting. It's actually not all that bad if you wipe it with a damp rag right after to get all of the shreds off. It goes really quickly. I used the outline of a vinyl sticker for a stencil and painted a thin coat of the blue before the green to get the good crisp line. It's fun to practice doing things for boys because everything I make turns out kind of girly.
Well, Welcome to Creative Cats Tuesday!! It is a chance for you, yes YOU to link up and share something creative. Creative Cats welcomes creativity in any form- be it a fun new recipe, a tip about organizing, something that you have sewn or made....it doesn't even need to be something you have done yourself. It can also be something that inspires you( just make sure you get permission if you are linking to someone else's site). As you can see I'm not really picky. I just love to see your posts! Just click on Mr. Linky and then copy and paste the site. After you link, leave me a message so I can put your name on the blog page! Have fun!


  1. Oh I like what you did! Most of the tutorials I find are for girl things.

  2. Hi Poppy, cute pegboard, I too find it harder to make crafty things for boys than girls. I've linked up a cute girly wall plaque I made for my niece, I hope you like it


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