Monday, March 16, 2009

loads of stuff...

OK first things first....Cynthia sent me an amazing shelf transformation that you just have to see! I'm so happy that she sent me the link!!! She covered a shelf with fabric and it turned out beautifully!! Click HERE to check it out!! Thanks for the idea! It makes me want to find a shelf to cover with fabric!
Secondly I have to thank my hot hubby for making me this vinyl sticker!He read my post about not being able to sleep while he was away and while I was sleeping in he found a sticker image that I thought was cute from IKEA and he traced the image onto the computer and printed it out for me!! What a sweetheart!!

Thirdly I have to give a shout-out to Carrie. I came home from a meeting yesterday to find this
on the counter:
She is amazing!! Check out her BLOG. Her cake creations are to die for!!

And fourthly(is that even a word??) we'll get to the project of the day!! After I dropped off a shelf order to Angela(thanks again Angela) I stopped by the DI in Provo. I wasn't really too excited by anything there, but I thought I'd buy this mirror for $15 and paint it.
Once I got it into the house it was broken which was actually a blessing in disguise because it made me have to get a little inventive and create a new bottom with mdf, trim and pegs.
I put an extra piece of mdf on the top to make it more substantial and painted it green.
My paint was nearly gone because I really love love love this color of green and it is everywhere in my house. It's called Tate Olive I believe and I think I got it at Home Depot.
Anyhoo, after painting(with a broken sponge brush, so it was very messy) I added some paper to the sides.
I just taped it so I can replace it with fabric or a different print if I want to! It actually turned out better than I expected so its a happy Monday for me!! I hope you all have a happy Monday too!! Oh.. and PS...there is an identical mirror for sale at Saver's in Orem if you'd like to have one of these in your house!
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  1. I must agree...Carrie makes beautiful cakes. And they're yummy too! Wow...what a cool vinyl sticker Joe made, and I like the mirror. I love that you can make something yucky look awesome. I wish I had your eye...and your creativty! Way to go!

  2. I ma LOVING your blog! Hanna just emailed me to let me know about some of your fabulous projects! I'll be linking to the candy dish tomorrow and the jean idea the next day if you don't mind. So much creativity here!

  3. Great mirror and I love the vinyl cut out.


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