Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inexpensive pot racks

I have a list of things that I would like to have in my "dream home". Wide plank distressed hardwood floors that are unbearably hard to clean(but so cute), a brick wall, french doors, a fireplace mantle( I don't really care if it has an actual fireplace inside of it), a really cool banister and a built in window seat. I also really like the idea of a big farmhouse looking kitchen with the huge hood over the oven and the butcher block counter top...again very impractical when it comes to cleaning. I actually would love to live in an old farmhouse... minus the mice, and the possible plumbing issues, and I need my neighbors to be closer than 5 miles away. Ideally I would like a new house that looks like an old farmhouse, but they just don't make them that way. One of the things that I've always wanted in my farmhouse kitchen is a pot rack. I totally love my kitchen now, but the whole pot rack thing has been hard to work in because it is kind of a narrow space and a pot rack would just be in the way. When I was walking around IKEA this afternoon I came across these little hooks in their bathroom department.
I bought a couple and hung them above my kitchen window. It's an inexpensive way to nip my pot rack cravings and it doesn't take up much space. What's nice about them is that they go right over the top of the curtain rod, so I can still close the curtain behind them if it gets too sunny. Also above windows in most homes there is a header... which means you don't have to use drywall anchors because you are guaranteed to hit wood-SWEET!! So, if a pot rack is on your "dream home" checklist, try IKEA's bathroom department. $7.99. They also have some towel racks that could double as pot racks. I almost went with one of those until I remember that I have zero wall space to put one. The have one that has 4 different rods so you could also stack your big pots on the top!

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  1. Way to be efficient w/a small space and to keep it low budget is great. I love IKEA!


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