Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Color changes everything....

I am feeling sick today, so I'm going to forgo any intense projects. I thought I'd do a bit of web-surfing and show some pictures about how color affects a room. These pictures were pretty intriguing. I have painted the walls in my house numerous times. I'm going to leave the actual number kind of vague because I'm pretty embarrassed by it. I am a color changing addict and I'm pretty sure we have lost square footage in our home because of how much I have painted those poor walls. One thing I have never painted is the ceilings! It looks really appealing in some of these photos, but I think I would have to put much more consideration into the color before I took on that kind of a project. In my house the downstairs rooms excluding the bathroom are all connected. I'd have to be really careful when choosing a ceiling color because I'd have to make sure it worked in every area. Plus it's just really tiring on the arms to paint the ceiling, especially if you have really textured ceilings. Anyhoo, here are some tips on color.

  • Wider: If you would like your space to appear wider, combine dark ceilings with light walls. Isn't that purple gorgeous with the white walls. It is a way to add lots of color and still have the room have an airy feel to it. The small touches of purple accents in the picture and on the lampshade draw the color down into the room. I also like how they added the lights under the cabinets. I think that also helps to open up a small space. {Picture from}
  • Smaller: If you would like your space to appear smaller(I don't feel sorry for you if you have this problem) then paint the walls a dark color. Dark colors make a room appear smaller because they absorb light rather than reflect it. If you have a really large room and want it to feel more cozy but you don't want to feel like the walls are closing in on you, try just painting one wall a dark warm color. {Picture by fotki}

  • Narrower: White or light colored ceilings make a room look narrower-and taller-when paired with dark walls. I love the decorative molding at the top of the walls. If you don't want to go that extravagant you can also put up a small inexpensive strip of molding about a foot down from the ceiling line and leave that section white.{Picture by NY Times}

  • Lower: Once again, if you have this problem...don't cry to me about it! But really, if you want your ceilings to feel lower, you can paint them a dark color. This picture makes me WISH I had high ceilings because I really love how the dark brown looks with the white trim and beige walls. Good luck with your painting if you are attempting a project like this one! You may want to call backup help! That is quite the job for a DIY.{Picture by Fabulous Finishes}

  • Closer: Warm colors advance, making walls seem closer.

Larger: light-color walls make a room look larger because they reflect a lot of light rather than absorb it(not that this room needs to appear really is larger). I'm really digging that staircase and the rounded doorway. I think the brown of the wood helps to ground the color a bit. This house is so gorgeous!!{Picture by Active Rain}
  • Higher: White ceilings appear higher. It also helps to hang the curtains above the window to give a taller feel. {Picture by Country Living}

Do you have a favorite color in your home? If so, what color and what room did you use it in?


  1. I always wanted a red accent wall...we finally did it in our loft. Right now our bedroom has a striped accent wall with Brown, Blue, and Scone colored stripes...the rest of the walls are scone. Ashlynn would love something with pink and brown (I'm still trying to decide what to do.) The boys are all into the bright colors...bright blue, bright green, red, yellow, orange. And then there's the basement...I think I want to change it up from the rest of the house, but keep it pretty neutral and just add the color through art and accessories. I'll come and pick your brain when I get ready to paint!

  2. I love that purple ceiling! It creates such a fun vibe to the room.
    Loved all the examples you gave as well!


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