Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wall Fix and Persian Rugs

Before I show you this next project..I think it's a good time to introduce the "Persian Rug Theory". Someone introduced me to this idea a few years ago and I think about it ALL the time when I make things. There are two lessons I've learned from Persian rugs. The first is that a fine Persian rug will always include intentional imperfections. An old Persian proverb says," A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect, and precisely imprecise." The proverb was derived from a religious belief that God is the only perfect being and that attempting absolute perfection would be claiming the position of the Almighty. Although my imperfections are never intentional, it always makes me smile to be reminded that I am imperfect, so I shouldn't get so down on myself when something that I'm making doesn't turn out perfectly. The second lesson I learn from the Persian rugs is that initially they were used simply as necessities for the Nomads, protecting them from the harsh cold elements yet they had bright colors and magical designs that were also a form of literary expression. They brought happiness and enchantment to tent homes of desert wanderers. I find it absolutely fascinating that they found it worth while to take a necessity and make it beautiful and inviting. I also think about that as I am decorating my home. It is a functional thing, but why not try and make it as enchanting as possible.
I'll start with the good news!! We got our vinyl cutter in the mail yesterday!! The problem was that we didn't have anywhere to put it that it would be safe from little hands. The Amazing Joe figured out how to rearrange the loft in a way that satisfies both functionality and fashion. Unfortunately he had to move a large bookshelf which unveiled large gaping holes in the wall from a previous project.
It was even more unfortunate to find that I didn't have any of that paint color left. I really wasn't in the mood to repaint the whole room so I had an idea to paint large green diamonds that were strategically placed to cover the holes.
Of course it doesn't help that I HATE to measure things. I am definitely an "eye ball" kind of girl which really didn't serve me well yesterday. It turned out alright, as long as you don't study it too much....So don't study it too much:)
I actually liked the pattern and really would have liked to continue the pattern up the wall, but at that point it would have been painfully obvious that I didn't measure, so I had to stop. Ahhh well, maybe I'll put in the extra effort next time to try and make it perfect...until then I'll just have to enjoy my precisely imprecise design!
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  1. I think the design looks can probably tell the imperfections because you did it. I always see the flaws in my own work. Love the history of the Persian rugs too. That's pretty cool.

  2. I know just how that is. I hate measuring and like to just eyeball things. Which makes my husband ROLL his EYEBALLS because he likes to measure a million times first. I like to get on with the creativity! LOL. Fun design, love diamonds!


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