Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Triangle Power

I have been working on switching the kids room around. I'm excited about it, but I haven't been able to spend too much time working on them because of everything else that is going on in life.  I haven't finished painting yet, but I was anxious to put up some decorations anyway. Since I like to decorate on the ol' budget I do something I call "Robin Hood Decorating"  I rob decorations from the rich rooms and give them to the poor rooms. Since I robbed a star from my front room to give to Liv Cat's room  I had to shuffle around decor. I had decided to go black and white on a shelf  and I love the difference the triangle makes. Here is my first shot.. and then here is with the completed triangle... I would probably have preferred to use white candles but I don't have any, so this will work!  I'm a big fan of using what you've got!! Most everything in this display are things that sweet Mom-in-law gave to me.  I made the gratitude sign so this decor costs me about  Free-ninety-nine!! Love that!

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  1. I am Misty's cousin, and saw the shelf you made her and loved it. You are so creative!


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