Thursday, February 12, 2009

Entry way shelf...w/decor

OK, so today my projects are going to have to be cleaning cleaning and more cleaning...but I thought I'd show you my entry way shelf with decorations on it.  I actually thought that the wrought iron piece would fit inside the shelf, but I have really bad depth and size perception.  Since it didn't fit I decided to try and stack it by putting a couple screws in the side of the shelf and hanging it.  The Porter sign is something that a friend made for me years ago and it has been all over the house and back again. I found these cute little candle holders at D.I. for a buck and painted them black.  Ok...I guess I should get started on the floors.  Good luck with all of your lovely housework today too. 


  1. Just wanted to let you know I love your V-day idea. You are so creative!! I've posted it on my Mombles blog with a link back here. Hope that's o.k.

  2. Do you have tips on how to paint your doors? You should post more pictures of your house!! I am so amazed at the talent you have!


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