Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Senses Basket

Are you still trying to think of what to do for your Valentine?  I decided to go with a 5 senses basket.  I did this about 5 years ago, so I figured I could do it again. I'm really not very good at the whole card making thing, so mine is pretty basic. I'm sure you all could make it much more exciting, but the idea is kind of fun.  I filled a basket with an item from each sense. Here are some ideas:
  • Touch: A coupon for a back or foot massage.
  • Taste: Sparkling cider, chocolates,  or make him his favorite dinner or dessert.
  • Sight: Something sexy for you to wear later:) or a photo album of just the two of you.
  • Smell: A nice smelling candle or lotion that you can use for the massage.
  • Sound: Put together a mix of his favorite music, an iTunes gift card or a cd.
For a card you could say something like " I love you with all of my senses".  There are lots of fun possibilities and you could really do it pretty inexpensively.  

Side note: isn't it weird that all of the 5 senses each have 5 letters?  I just noticed that this morning.  

Have a wonderful Valentines day!! 


  1. What a great idea! I'm totally using it. ;) You are so my hero.

  2. What fun, inspiring ideas!!! I found your blog while hopping around. It's great. Check out my learning blog for your 5 kiddlets: Thanks! Lisa


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