Friday, January 16, 2009

Wall Art

I have this big dark space in my family room. My hubby absolutely loves the dark brown wall. I sometimes feel it's a little too dark and wanted to add something white there to brighten things up a bit.  I've been considering making some white frames and hanging them. I almost started that project this morning when I came across a big white door that I had bought for this exact space. I completely forgot about it! Yahoo!! I don't have to make frames today!! I found this door at IKEA. For those of you who don't know IKEA has an "as is" section right before you check out of the store. They often sell doors and big pieces of wood for practically nothing. I bought this door for $3.  I liked that it took up a lot of room on the wall and the white did help, but it still looked lacking. I tried a wreath in the center. An improvement, but it still needed something. I decided to stick some little mirrors that I had mod podged paper on a few months ago.  I just taped them on the door. I'll leave them there for now to see if I still like them there this afternoon.  I might hang them with twine just so I can change decorations easily.  Fun!! 


  1. ha ha! Just needed a little compliment, Andy? Giving yourself one is the perfect solution. You are a smart lady. :) Really, though, that is really cute. I would have never thought of doing that with the door.

  2. K, you are SO creative...I mean a DOOR, hanging on your wall! I love it! I'm very jealous your house looks amazing.


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