Friday, December 19, 2008

Rach sent me a Christmas gift!!

Rachel and I have been best friends since we were 12. She is a creative genius.  She made my wedding dress, she makes a  beautiful quilt and diaper bag whenever I have a baby(good incentive to keep having children), she painted a picture of my husband and myself, she has plans to start a bakery, she makes professional scrapbooks, handmade wedding invitations and she is also a fabulous photographer. I'm sure I'm missing a cazillion other things but that gives you an idea of why I get excited when I get something in the mail from her.  She sent this really cool wrap around apron

 along with a secret recipe printed beautifully next to a painted spoon (sorry I had to cover up the recipe).  What a fun Christmas present. I love you Rach! 

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  1. Hey, so I guess you don't think the words
    "Don't open till Christmas" pertain to you...
    I knew if anyone opened their gift early it would be you... ahhahhahah! I wish you had gone it just a bit longer with words of praise... but I guess those will do.

    Love you guys! Rach


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