Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wooden pallet kitchen display

How to make a kitchen display from a wooden pallet:

Step one:
Get yourself a pallet.

 If you can manage to find a free one like I did... SCORE!  Mine was in the empty lot next to my house.  I figure if someone is going to leave their crap in an empty lot for 2 months, it's up for grabs.  

Measure and Cut!

Cut a couple of thin scraps of wood to give the shelves a lip.  The wood pieces don't have to be the same size, or look very nice.  In fact, it's better if they look awful, then they can fit right in with a pallet that's been sitting in an empty lot for 2 months.


 Tack the strips of wood onto the edge of the "shelves".  I let mine hang over the edge because I wanted to have more room for plates and decor.

Not the "Uggh, I hate painting" kind of painting. The "Yay! I don't have to be careful or accurate or good" kind of painting.


I knew I wanted to hang an apron from the corner, so I added a hook. I think it'd also be cute to add a bunch of shaker pegs to the top shelf and hang mugs. I might do that later...I'm currently out of pegs.

Hang it!

I just stuck a bunch of  long screws right through the boards and straight into the wall. Ideally this would be a 2 man job, but if one of the "men" is impatient and can't wait until the other man gets home, then just use your elasti-girl, super strength powers.....You know what I'm talking about.

*Pro-tip: Set the level on the shelf of the pallet, rather than the top. It's more important for your decor to look straight and not be sliding off, then it is for the top of the pallet to be straight.  

*Pro-tip: Use the word "Pro-tip" when you are explaining something. It makes you sound like you know what you are talking about.  


Admire your new addition to the kitchen and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


  1. Oh, Wow! That looks so amazing. Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I'd love to try.

  2. step 1) don't EVER use a pallet in your home
    the chemicals that might be on these materials is unreal.
    There is NO listing of what was ever transported, or leaked, on the pallet
    While it might look clean, I sure wouldn't risk it.
    There is no standards for pallets, meaning they may have been used to ship clothing, but they may also have been used to ship leaking car batteries, or nuclear waste.. you NEVER know.

    I used to be pro pallet, and then i read up on it, and the thought of using a pallet in my house frightens me. I wouldn't even use them for my bonfire pit!!!

  3. I love hand made wooden things!


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