Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween party treat ideas~

Whether your hosting a Halloween party, helping out in a classroom, or just delivering goodies to the neighbors, you have to agree... Halloween treats are so much fun!  Admittedly I am drawn to the cutesy  treats more than the bloody finger and gory eyeballs. Although they are enjoyable to look at, I have a harder time actually eating them.

Today I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite cute Halloween treat ideas.

I love these mummy cupcakes. They look fairly simple and they are so adorable! 

 Via ifood

If you are trying to combat the sugar overload of the holiday try out these batty treats made with cream cheese, poppy seeds and peppercorn. Click on the link below the pic for the recipe.

WHOOO can resist owls...or Oreos for that matter? 

Licorice eyebrows are a must have to complete the look of these scowling witches.

I'll be incorporating these broom treat bags into our holiday somehow. I am in love.

This is my kind of spider! Almost cartoon looking. Yes, perfect for us arachnophobes.

Oreo's dipped in chocolate with candy eyes and rows of piped chocolate make darling mummy suckers.

This has to be one of the cutest candy owls on the planet. I fun twist on the popular cake pops.

If you're looking for a treat to make with younger children, witch hats are perfect! 
Have them dip a candy Kiss into frosting and stick it to the top of a cookie.  

Via All You

Witch legs popping out of cupcakes are a great idea for the older grade schoolers. Perfect for a laugh.

Is it possible to make candy corn look classy? Apparently so. 
Gordon Gossip makes a beautiful treat. Ideal for friends and family.

Last but certainly not least, my favorite candy owl ever. I shared the link last Halloween as well. One Charming Party is a fantastic place to find party and treat ideas. Click on the link below to find everything you'd need to host a class party...including games, crafts and decor.

Of course one thing I'm dying to make this year is caramel apples!
I've never made them before and I've always wanted to!

What's your favorite frightening treat?


  1. I love this post! I'm new to your blog and excited to see more things like this - it's so creative! In fact, I've shared it with my readers on my blog. I tend to write a lot about food so I think they'll enjoy it. Thanks for providing such great ideas. :)

  2. These all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Love this stuff! Caramel Apples are so fun! I did it for my daughters 4th Bday party -favors- they are super messy to make though! I found that caramel more sticky than "creamy" to roll the apples in..I hope you have a better experience!

    Great blog!

  4. Although it's the simplest, there is something about the spider cheese and crackers.

    PS: I'm enjoying your musical selections especially the BIT Carpenters cover (although my favorite from the If I Were a Carpenter album is Shonen Knife's Top of the World which was played at our wedding)

  5. It looks scary but yummy... haha! I like the owl lollipop (the brown one) because it's just like one of the Angry Birds. :) Who knows, someone might organize an Angry Birds- or Plants vs Zombies-themed Halloween party which is perfect for kids and kids-at-heart.

    Kylie Capshaw

  6. My husband is worried...I now want to make ALL of these! Haha! Look for my posts soon! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I was really hoping for the Candy Corn recipe, but the blog link is blocked for some reason. I just HAVE to know what it is made of!

    1. I'm sorry Lilith! They must have decided to go private. I don't recall what they made those out of. Maybe there's a way to send a personal email to them by clicking on the link and sending a request.

      Sorry! I wish I knew!

  8. I love your Halloween food ideas for party. The reese are awesome.. thanks for sharing!

  9. very creative..I like that..

  10. Great ideas for Halloween party! My husband love to celebrate Halloween with family and friends. We always throw party at home but this year we are planning to do something special. Planning to book New York event venues from online and will hire catering services too!

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