Monday, July 25, 2011

Garage sale picture frame~

I of course love a good garage sale find as much as the next gal, but I can't compete with The Joe when it comes to the love of garage sales. He is addicted.  He has to have cash on hand when Saturday rolls around so he can head out in the morning and find some screamin deals.  The cutest thing is that he always comes home with things that he thinks I will like.  He found this picture frame for me a couple of weeks ago.

I didn't sand the frame because I really like the dark brown under the white.

While I was painting, The Joe kindly cut out a piece of bead board to fit inside the frame.
The bead board was a quarter from the scrap bin at Home Depot.

I wanted to make a sign with a word in each of the slats of the bead board with a picture in the corner.

Since the picture ran across the beads, I cut the bird to match so the vinyl wouldn't peel off.

Spanish Olive by Glidden is one of my favorite greens.

We have a really cool tool that shoots those little metal things that you find in the back of framed pictures. It works really well to hold the bead board in place. 

I hope you've been having a lot of love and laughter in your homes this summer! We have sure been enjoying spending time together. We just got back from a family vacation to San Francisco. We had such a great time!! I love having my children and hubby and all crammed in our van together. No one can escape!!! WAHAHAHA. I was really impressed{{and shocked}} that there was very little fighting. We had lots of treats, lots of potty breaks and I'm pretty sure I have the movie "Tangled" memorized now. Last night as we were driving, Mira kept telling all of us that we are her best friends. It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. They are my best friends and I hope we can always stay that way!!!


  1. Love it! I love the way the beads separate the vinyl. Another amazing craft!

  2. Dang Cute! Now we need The Joe to rub off on my hubby so that Ty will LOVE to garage sale as much as yours does!

  3. How super cute is this... great job...


  4. SO cute.......I wish my brain was that crafty!!!

  5. Love it! I love the birds/bead board! and the words!
    great job!

  6. that looks great! love the saying, too. glad you had a great (trapped) trip!

  7. I love this, the vinyl, the beadboard, the quote, everything! I think you have the best Home Depot scrap bin, 25 cents is such a great deal on the beadboard scrap. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Great finished project. I love the bead board and the color you painted it...ah heck I love everything about it.

  9. i love that green too. i painted the inside of my pantry that color. great project.
    and that joe is a sweetie aint he?

  10. I'm not exaggerating a bit when I tell you that everything you touch turns beautiful. Love this, Andy!

  11. This is really cute!! The layered look is fantastic. And, that IS a really cool green. Love the bit about your trip to San Fran and that you are all best friends -so sweet!

  12. So cute. I couldn't sleep thinking about all the projects I'm about to do (we're having our 1st home built! Eee!) And I thought of this one. Are you willing to sell the vinyl and saying in yer shop?! I'd LOVE it!!!

  13. Thanks ladies! Such sweet compliments:)

    MIndi, I tried to find an email address for you so I could respond personally, but I was unsuccessful. I'll answer you in a comment just in case you check back.

    I am always willing to sell the vinyl that I make. However, some of the vinyl that I use for projects ends up being pieced together because of the size of a project. I generally don't put those vinyls into the market because they aren't as easy for people to place in an identical way on their own projects. I would be more than happy to sell you the individual words and birds for $10. Keep in mind that there are different sizes of bead board and you will need to buy the correct size for the words to fit. Also be aware that you will have to place the words onto the board one at a time. If it's something that you are interested in, shoot me and email and I'd be happy to make it for you.


  14. I just love this! I'm featuring you on Sassy Sanctuary tomorrow if you want to check it out!

  15. Great tutorial! i love it very much, thanks for sharing

  16. Great Tutorial! I'd love to try it at home! How do I buy the vinyl??

  17. Where did you get the white vinyl bird decal? I want to make something like this for my friends who just bought a house together!

    1. I made it. I would be happy to make you one, if you'd like to order one. Email me for more details.


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