Saturday, April 9, 2011

Parade of Homes Linky Party!!!

***Welcome Welcome Welcome***
To the 2nd annual Parade of Homes 

Where YOU are the star of the show!!

If you've somehow missed the parade, get caught up for goodness sake! Start at #1

I'll be giving you a tour of my home to get the ball rolling!

Hello! I'm Andy...the girl variety. Short for Andrea

This is my lovely family, and home is wherever they are! 
{I love the look on The Joe's face in this picture}

Welcome to our home!! 
In the summertime this door is never shut.
 We obviously wouldn't want any homeless flies in Eagle Mountain, we're pretty gracious like that.

Our homemade shelves hold family pictures. 
I love to look at my peeps when I'm coming and going!
The blue bench is made from a queen sized headboard.

Here is what I call the yellow room, but none of my kids catch on to which room I'm talking about.
You know....the one that's yellow?? ((Huh, Mom?))

I picked up some $4.99 cabinet doors at IKEA in the "as-is" department and tacked them to the wall.
I love the yellow, but it does need white to tone it down!

I really love to sit in this room and read.

Another homemade shelf with some of my vinyl designs.
Also a place to hold your jackets when you come for a visit{{hint, hint}}

This is the room where we do most of our hanging out.
We decided to buy two couches instead of a loveseat. We have a lot of bums that need a place to sit!

Fake plants that I can't kill on top of another IKEA "as-is" treasure. 
I cut a cabinet door down to use as a table top.

I picked up a couple of inexpensive lampshades at Ross and dressed them up with white vinyl.
I'm loving them! It's an easy way to add a little pizzaz to your shades, and it's so easy to change the look!

The traditional "lots of white things in one place" picture. Gotta have it!

Our family room bumps right into our kitchen/dining area.

We have a freakishly high bar, so we had enough room to make a shelf underneath.
Not at all functional, but it looks cute.

I found the barstools at a garage sale for $5 each. I know...insane in the membrane.
I spray painted them, reupholstered with easy wash fabric and put knobs on the back.

My kids favorite part of the house:
The candy machine!!
 I found it at at thrift store and gave it a facelift. If the kids finish all of their jobs in the morning, they get a quarter. They work pretty dang hard for it too! It's GREAT! Then we take out the quarters and use the money to buy more candy for the machines. Full circle baby.

Here's a shot of a door turned into a pegboard for my aprons
and my favorite painting in the whole world, painted and given to me by my talented cousin Rebecca.

The Joe makes pizza every Friday night for our family and friends. I had to  make a sign for him!

We have our Farmhouse curtain rod shelves over almost all of our windows. They can hold their own when 10 little hands are yanking at the curtains and they give me a place to put knickity knacks.

My sanity whiteboard.
This is where I write the menu for the week, my shopping list, extra activities and the kids jobs.

Here is our mudroom-ish area.
 It never ever EVER looks like this. The children's coats and shoes spontaneously multiply and completely take over. I don't know why I even bothered painting it..Lol.

My daughter's room. Can you tell I have a color crush on blue and green?

Snippet of another girl's room

Laundry room with our homemade shelf and beadboard trim

Here's our bedroom..Ooh la la..
I made a faux headboard by tacking trim to the wall and painting the center.
The ladder shelves are also homemade.
I definitely had to get strategic to give you a shot of our bedroom. The other half is utter chaos, especially after this crazy week! Luckily it's SPRING BREAK next week and I'll have time to CLEAN!

Welp, that's all folks! I showed you mine, now it's time to show me yours!!


  1. What a fun, colorful and whymsical home you have created to match that adorable family. Nice work.

    Since I have insomnia tonight, I get to be #3 on your parade of houses.


  2. Hi Andy!~ I linked up my last years home tour. Lots of fun exciting things happening on my end, and have no time to make a new post. Thanks for hosting! Your home is always fun to tour, your just FUN and colorful and your home reflects just that.

  3. I hope decor and the dog blogspot sees this message. I really wanted to leave her a comment, she did not set her blog up to do that. I even tried to find her email address to tell her...RATS! I really loved her home:)

  4. Your cousin is super talented. Your colors are bright and creative. The shelf on the high counter was the first thing I noticed. What an eye you have and a all that with a bunch of youngins in tow.

  5. Thank you for the house tour! Your home is just a pretty as I imagined it would be. I love your choice of colors! I had to smile when you referred to one of your rooms as the yellow room. We had a room in our house which was painted red but is now the same color white as the rest of my house. We always referred to it as the red room but now we just don't know what to call it. We go back and forth between the "used to be red room" and the living room.

  6. Your home is so lovely! I can tell there is much love in the rooms of this house! And your family is adorable! I love the colors in your home...soft, yet still bright, warm and seem to have captured a balance between modern and country with some of the straight lines, and I believe a bit of a Scandinavian touch!! So, so pretty! I am new to the parade and linked up several rooms in my house! I can't wait to see all of them! Thanks for hosting! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  7. Andy you have a beautiful home and a beautiful family! I LOVED every detail! Enjoy your weekend, Martina

  8. Your have an adorable and welcoming home, I love those candy machines, and I'm inspired by your laundry room, the shelving and band of trim! That would look great in mine. Thank you so much for including me in your Parade of Homes tour! Janell

  9. Hey amaze me as usual. The home tour was so much fun and the tour of your house was almost like being there, but not close enough! Missing you and your awesomeness. (luckily there is no charge for awesomeness) LOVE YOU!!

  10. You have a beautiful home! I really think it is my personal favorite from the whole parade, because your style is most like my own. I hope you don't mind that I saved the photo of your kitchen to show to my husband. The mis-matched chairs and green bar are delightful! Thank you for hosting the parade this week, I loved it.

  11. Your home is beautiful. I love that shelf idea under the island. I have exactly the same layout!

  12. Thank you for hosting! Your home is so fresh and cheery!! Mine is a work in progress!! I love looking at everyone of these homes!

  13. Thanks for the great parade. Such inspiration. (I'm a little bummed because my house looks no where like these and never will:(

    Your house is beautiful. Your husband is lucky and so are your kids!

  14. You have such a bright, fun, lovely home! I love all the colors. They are bright and yet soft at the same time. I especially love the green/blue combo, so soft and pretty. Great idea to hang so many shelves (might have to steal that idea :) They look great and are practical too!

  15. What a happy, fun house! Your family must be thrilled to live in such a light-filled, light-hearted environment.

  16. I love your beautiful home with all the creative, loving, colorful details!

  17. Love your house! Your color choices are fabulous!!

    Thanks for the link party! :)

  18. Your home is just refreshingly beautiful....Thanks for sharing pic's! :)

  19. What a lovely home and family!! I am linking up for the first time! Can't wait to visit everyone!! Thanks for hosting!

  20. Andy!!!! I had no idea you have 5 childlren! How in the WORLD do you find time to have such a beautiful blog??? I'm VERY impressed.

    It was so fun to walk through your housse. I really like all the sherbert colors and the gorgeous poppy canvas. I grow poppies and love the so. Your home looks very organized and kid friendly (it has to be). Your style shines through and your details made me smile.

    I can't wait to visit ALL of the houses that are linking up after I get home from work tonight.

    What a great week this has been here at Poppies At Play. Can't wait to see all the entries for the party. There's an idea and an inspiration in each and every home.

    Thanks again for hosting this great week.

    You are one super busy woman!



  21. Your home is adorable! Thanks for hosting the Parade of Homes, it was wonderful.

  22. Hi Andy
    What a fun home you have. I love all of your color and whimsy! It just looks like a friendly home!! I was trying to pick out a favorite, but it's very hard. It just might be your Papa John's pizza sign, that is darling!!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun party. Hope to get around to all of the homes this weekend.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Hi Andy, what a great family photo!! I'm joining in today for your home tour, hope you'll come by for a visit!

  24. Andy,
    Thanks for hosting this party for home tours...this is my first time linking up to such a thing and I'm enjoying myself while touring all the homes! Such a nice variety.

    I loved the clarity of your clean and fresh, so balanced and uncluttered. Graphic. I particularly liked the laundry room and you've inspired me to get busy on mine.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again!

  25. Hi Andy, my 1st visit and I am hooked! What an adorable home. It matches your adorable family. I love the lampshade with the bird silhouette, the colors are so soft and soothing. I can't believe how you transformed a door into functional furniture and a headboard into a bench! And your cousin's painting - wow! Does she do art shows?? xo, P.S. I am your newest follower.

  26. You have quite a lovely, cheerful home! Love the Ikea doors - and all the lovely accessories -
    Thank you for hosting this fun party,

  27. You have such a charming home Andy! I really enjoyed the tour this week, too, it was very inspiring! I don't have a post of my entire house, so I linked up with our bedroom. thank you for hosting!
    Cheers, Andrea

  28. Cool house and awesome link party! Thanks for doing this.

  29. your home is beautiful, soft, and playful... it suits you perfectly!

  30. Hi Andy, Thanks you so much for hosting this wonderful party! Your home is so lovely. I enjoyed looking at your gorgeous pictures, and i enjoyed showing a few pictures of my home.


  31. What a beautiful and fun home you have, Andy! I LOVE those candy machines! Thanks so much for hosting this tour. It has been so much fun this week!

  32. Andy,
    I'm having so much fun at your linky party (came by from Cassie's blog) your foyer...den...area for your aprons and your awesome headboard.


  33. Wow, what a fun week, Andy. I could hardly wait to get home from work each day to check out the next stops on the parade. Thanks so much for hosting. I love your home, also. I am especially inspired with your pops of blue and green, and your use of white walls. I remember your laundry room from when you posted it, so very cool. I am working towards white walls in our front living room with a leather sofa, and I was inspired by the photos of yours. Thanks again for hosting and sharing, I'm joining in with a tour of my own.

  34. Your house is adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  35. Beautiful home, Andy! I adore your use of color and live vicariously through others in that sense! Such a bright and happy space. Your vinyl signs are adorable. LOVE the laundry room and I'm totally stealing that candy machine idea! Good motivation. I'll be on the lookout for one of those machines this summer. Too cute. Your headboard is so pretty. Oh, I just love it all! I'm be adding your tour link & party to my post.


  36. Eagle Mountain?? NO WAY! We moved from there (way out in the City Center) a few years ago....something about driving for 15 minutes to get milk just wasn't cutting it for us (not to mention that as a CA girl, the snow about did me in!)

    Anyhow, love the tour. So bright, fresh and overall scrumptious ;)

  37. Thanks so much for this fun series! I am house obsessed by nature, and love house tours! I have linked up and have been enjoying seeing all of these wonderful homes!

  38. I think that I want to come over on a Friday and hang my coat up on your cute rack, sit in your yellow room to read a couple chapters of book and then sit my behind on one of your vibrant garage sale stools to eat some yummy, thick-crust Joe's pizza.

    Love it all!!

  39. Andy - Just finished your parade of homes tour and loved every one. Wonderful choices, not to mention your own home. It's beautiful. I love your color choices and how family friendly it is - a great place to raise your sweet family. You're so talented and I'm glad I was able to stop by and take the tour.

  40. I'm still waiting for you to come decorate my house. I pay in chocolate and mix cd's. Love your house, love your style, love your sentence on the white board. <3

  41. Your home looks completely different since the last time that I saw your house and it wasn't that long ago:) It is so cute and I love your red couches. This was so fun to follow all week long. Thanks for hosting it!

  42. Lovely home! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Andy it looks awesome!!! Love all of the handmade shelves beadboard trim. The vinyl details around the rooms are just gorgeous, a perfect touch. What a lovely home!!


  44. Oh wow... I'm officially converted to colour! Your home is so bright, fun and truly made me smile and gasp at every picture! The candy machines and shelf curtain rods are just the coolest!

    Thanks again for hosting the party, Andy, and for all the work you did behind the scenes. We couldn't have pulled it off withoutcha. :)


  45. HI Andy!
    Your home is so SWEET! I love all of the touches you put in for you children. The bar stools are such a perfect idea. Handles...who would have thought.

    Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of the home tour. It was quite an experience...preparing and planing. I had a great time. And saw such BEAUTIFUL homes along the way too. Now I want to look at the whole linky party!
    Thanks again,

  46. I love all the wonderful colors. It's so cheerful. Simple and beautiful.

  47. Absolutely stunningly beautiful!

  48. What a bright and beautiful home you have. I love that I have found another mama of 5 children (there arent many of us. lol) Im now inspired to join your party here and will be linking up tonight (when I have some quiet time. lol)
    Im now your newest follower as well.

    Lucky 7 Design

  49. Hi there! First time joining in and thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting this! I love that painting your cousin did and I love to see all the different styles of peoples homes. Super fun!

  50. Hi Andy,
    Your home explodes with wonderful color. You are an inspiration. I raised 4 children and I remember how my days would go. They remain my treasures and I would not have traded those busy days for anything else I'm going to try to join in the Parade. If not, I'm coming back this evening to visit more homes. Hugs....

  51. Thank you so much for all of this on-line fabulous fun! Your home is absolutely beautiful!
    We are getting ready to build another home & I can hardly wait to incorporate so many of these creative & gorgeous home decor ideas into our new home.
    Best Wishes to You & Yours!

  52. Your home is lovely and so inviting! Thanks for hosting this party, I plan to make as many visits as I can, it is always great to be inspired.

  53. I loved the tour! Your house is beautiful, you're so talented.

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  55. Love the home tour and your home. Didn't get pictures of all of our home to share, but didn't want to miss out this fun party so I did the family room for now. I love home tours! So inspiring, thanks for letting me be a part of it. Jackie

  56. Just found your blog today via eighteen25. I LOVE what you've done! Love your repurposed items....especially the candy machines! My kids would enjoy them tremendously! I would LOVE to have a light & airy house like yours! Wanna come do mine?

  57. Your home is wonderful -- so charming & full of life! I love those barstools--so clever adding the drawer pull to backs. I also really like the curtain rods with shelves -- wonderful doo-dad space! This is a great party idea. I'd like to link up next year if you do it again. Too many things were already in boxes for that to happen this time around. I've added a special bookmark to this party so I can come back & see them all, a few at a time. LOL!!!

  58. Hi Andy-

    I just returned from a trip and read your post in my reader. I had to click right over to your blog to tell you - Your home is so full of life and energy - I love all the ways you used color throughout. You can tell you love life, beauty, and making your family happy - it shows. I love all the details you added and fun touches - the bin pulls on the back of the colorful stools and the candy machines. I bet every kid on your street loves coming to your house.

    Thanks again for hosting the Parade of Homes and party.
    My best-Diane

  59. You are super creative! Every room is so pretty, I can't pick a favourite.Thanks for sharing!

  60. What a beautiful home you have, so many wonderful handmade touches!


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