Thursday, March 31, 2011

My favorite prank~

My family growing up was never big into pranks or April Fool's day antics,  so it's been pretty funny marrying into The Joe's family.  We have one sister and bro-in-law in particular that LOVE to prank and they definitely don't confine themselves to April 1st. You'll get pranked by them all year long. They'll steal your car, wrap the front of your door with butcher paper...only to do it again a couple hours later, or my personal favorite....

Coming home from a morning run to find that {{SURPRISE}}, your house is for sale.

Sticking a sign in the yard wasn't quite good enough, so they rented a helium tank and made a huge balloon arch to draw attention to the sale.  

 The kids were in balloon heaven and we were fielding questions all week about our upcoming move.

They also sent the parents on a surprise mission to the same morning. 

All of this when Betsy was just days away from giving birth to baby #3.
Super funny.

Are you into pranking? 

Do you try and pull things off of April Fool's day, or is that too obvious?

Have you been fooled on April 1st?

What's your favorite prank?


  1. Thats too funny! My hubby is good at pranks, but I have a hard time keeping a serious face and tend to give things away. I have a prank I hope to pull on my dad when time allows! I'm not overly creative and struggle coming up with good ideas!

  2. that's hilarious!
    i'm always looking for good ideas...please tell us more!

  3. I love it! April Fools is one of my favorite holidays. I used to be really good at pranks, not so much since the kiddos came along. You've inspired me to kick it up a notch! :)

  4. This is great! I'm not real creative when it comes to pranks. Mostly cause I can't keep a straight face.

    I'd love to play the "I'm pregnant" joke on my husband for April Fools. But the point of April Fools I think is to seriously try to convince the person and it seems a little mean to convince him of something like Fatherhood and then say "J/K." You know? :) Still sounds like fun though.

  5. I had my SIL take a pregnancy test for me and took it home to the hubs. He totally freaked out!! It was even worse when he found out that all of the girls at the salon were in on it!! I even got an 'atta girl' from his dad.....the family's biggest prankster!

  6. My mom was a secretary at the school district and had lots of aids that were boys. She would always bring in treats for them so on April fools day it was no exception and they didn't think anything of the chocolate cookies, except they were cotton balls covered in chocolate! So funny watching them pull cotton out of their mouths :)

  7. Well, I probably won't ever make it on Poppies at Play for crafting, so at least I made it on for pranking. Happy April 1st!

  8. I just adore your blog, you have the cutest ideas. Now about April Fools pranks...I'm so not into them, but my kiddos love to pull all manner of crazy shenanigans around here. Most of it involves Saran Wrap and every toilet in our house being wrapped up tightly, or Saran Wrap and my car.

  9. OMG - this was a great April Fool's prank! My husband would be so mad if I went and put the house on the market but to see his face when he finds out it's a prank would be priceless...I hope I can remember this so I can do this next funny!

  10. Oh my, how fun to have family like that! You must all be really good friends. Is this one-side pranking or do you guys ever do a bit of payback?

    Love the giant toolbox! So many great uses.


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