Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY ladder shelf

In an attempt to make my room more loverly this morning, 
I made a couple ladder shelves to put up on the sides of my pretend headboard.

Wanna make one too? It's easy, here's what you'll need:

(2) 4'X4'' boards 
(3) 4''X12'' boards
(3) 1''X12'' boards

If you prefer to have pre-drilled holes in your hanging boards, drill those first!
I used a countersink bit just in case I want to cap the screw holes.

To be honest, I probably won't ever get around to that. 
It just happened to be the bit in the drill press.

Next measure and mark where you would like to put your shelves.
I measured and put a mark at 10'', 24'' and 38'' on both of my 4' boards.

Of course you will want to use a straight edge to draw your lines. 
If your shelves don't match up exactly, you're going to be hating life.

Time to assemble!  Put a little wood glue on your one inch board

and nail it to your 4''X12'' board

After you're done with all 3 shelves, glue and nail the pieces to the sides 
by matching them up to your neatly drawn lines.

Now you're ready to paint and put them up on the wall!

See, I told you it was easy!

Now I have that loverly song stuck in my head. 
I'm going to have to get it stuck in yours as well.


  1. Oh my gorsh I absolutely LOVE this! I've wanted to do something similar (read bigger lol) in the girls room to aid as book shelfs.. I guess I better share this with hubby!

  2. Andy I love how you used them on etiher side of the bed! I have been staining an old wooden ladder that hubs and I got from early in our marriage. It's going to be a shelf also =)

  3. I absolutely love this look-cottage chic-so creative and inspiring-I'm your newest follower! Stop by for a visit-Claire

  4. Wow! Looks fabulous Andrea! Makes me want to redo my bedroom...although, I don't think Kenny would be to happy with me :)

  5. So when can I move in..?? he..he.he.. This BR looks like something right outta pottery barn magazine..

    Love the white wash..10 stars !!!!-all the way.

    Do check out my place and let me know what u think--I'm a newbie here (just 3 days old..) learning a lot......



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