Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sisters Printable

I hope you're lucky enough to have a sister.

I'm blessed to have 3.

We all have different personalities, and yet we are all bound together by our garden.

Having a sister means you always have someone who loves you.
 You always have someone who understands where you're coming from, even if you're wrong.

Having a sister means you have someone who will laugh at you and with you 
and chuckle just thinking about you later on.

Having a sister means you always have a shoulder to cry on...
even if that shoulder is hundreds of miles away.

Now having 4 little girls of my own,

I hope I can cultivate a wonderful garden environment for them,

so that they will be able to grow in love 

and have a sisterhood bond that will last forever.


  1. augh how cute. I have 3 girls of my own and I have 2 other sisters too. :)

  2. o this is so awesome!!! I have 4 sisters and we are super close:)

  3. Thanks so much for this printable! ♥ it- I have 3 sisters too that I will have to make something with this for!

  4. Thank you for the printable.. I have one very special sister and she has lived over 3000 miles from me since we were 19 and 21... we see each other once, maybe twice a year and are as close as we were when we shared a bedroom as little girls....
    Very nice post!!

  5. i love the colorful one especially, i also have 3 sisters!

  6. These are adorable graphics! I am blessed with 2 sisters- love them both to pieces and got to spend some time with them both last weekend- yippee!

  7. My favorite siste qoute is "God made us sisters, prozac made us friends"

  8. Thank you for this printable. I have 2 sisters and I want to put it in frames and give it to them

  9. Sisters are a great blessing.they are the best friends you have.may God bless them and you for sharing such heart touching thoughts!!

  10. I love the word art you used and the overall look of this quote. Is there any way I could get psd copy so that I can color each layer and make a print? I would love to put this in my girls' room.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't like to give out the files, but the image underneath the print is actually just from a font that I found on Kevin and Amanda if you'd like to put one together for yourself. The name of the font is called "2peas ggs loves me".

    2. Thanks, I totally understand. Thank you for the tip on the image. Can I ask where you got the font for "FLOWERS"? I've been searching and haven't found anything close to it. Thanks again!

    3. I can't remember where I got the font. The name of it is "Ribbon Happy" if you'd like to try and search for it.

  11. Thank you!! Really it has been so sweet of you yo point me in the right directions Thanks again!


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