Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simply Bags-Embroidered Monogramming

A great gift idea for you to consider this Spring is a

Simply Bags has a wide variety of bags to choose from. 
Seriously, anything you can think of...bridal bags, diaper bags, laptop bags, cosmetic bags and more!

And the great part is, they will personalize your bag with the monogram of your choice!

Simply Bags graciously sent me a monogrammed tote!
{{Oh how I love good mail!!}}

I chose to have them personalize my bag with the numbers "333".
 my favorite number!
(It's a long story)

One thing that I really noticed about Simply Bags, is that they are so friendly and easy to work with. 

Not to mention FAST!

This bag is BIG! If you're looking for a Mother's Day present for the young mother in your life,
consider giving her a monogrammed tote that she could take with her to church!
Stuff it full of activities for the little ones!

Such fun styles to choose from!
This pink damask is my favorite! Love the style!

Pop over and check out their great selection!

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  1. Nice bags. Here's a springtime bag for me http://www.simply-bags.com/floral-tote.html


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