Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Split tree tutorial~

Take a scrap piece of wood. Draw a triangle shape with a straight edge.

Cute your triangle piece out with a Bandsaw, Jigsaw or Circular saw.

Using the straight edge, draw diagonal lines across the triangle.

Cut along the lines. You can use a Miter saw if your triangle isn't too wide.
It's more important that the inside lines of the tree are straight.  

Paint and decorate however you want! I wrapped my pieces in craft wire and then glued buttons on with E 6000. I tried to glue the pieces of the tree to my board, but they wouldn't lay straight with the craft wire, so I shot them a couple of times with a pneumatic nail gun.

You can use a painted board, a cupboard door or a piece of bead board for the back.

I used a a little wooden rectangle that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for the trunk.
Which reminds me, I saw a sign for a new HL in American Fork! Yay for us that live close by!!!

Try to ignore the sad little drawer pull on the shelf. 
 I don't ever think about fixing it, until I'm going through pics!



  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing. Love Sia x

  2. Super cute, as always. I'm thinking I'll be adding a saw to my Christmas Wish List this year so that I can try all of your fun ideas!

  3. This is really cute I like the colors you used for the paint too -looks happy :-)

  4. This is REALLY cute! I like the way you decided to split it too, to make it more unique.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these--you are way too cool Andy!

  6. I love this! I am going to see if my husband will teach me how to use the saw this weekend ;)

  7. You are amazing! It's fun to see grandma's buttons being used.

  8. that is amazing! i might have to try a fabric version of that to put on my apartment door! :D

  9. Holy Cuteness. You are so creative. Love this idea!!

  10. So cute! I got a jigsaw last year. It scares me. But this is just so cute, I might try to overcome the fear and make one!!

  11. So clever and adorable! I love it!! Thanks for sharing how to make it. :)

  12. Um, yeah...pretty sure you're amazing. The HL is totally gonna rock for us! I'm freaking excited.

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