Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

This is what the tags look like. You can print them from the Scribd attachments below.

Christmas Tags 1

Christmas Tags2


  1. Those are so stink'n cute! I was wondering where you get your boards for all the vinyl they look like cupboard doors so I was curious.

  2. Thank you Stephanie and Abby! I get those cupboard doors from the "as-is" dept. of IKEA. They frequently have scratch and dent doors for a couple dollars.

  3. These are adorable!!! Thank you so much!

  4. These are the cutest tags I've seen in awhile. I'm featuring this post on my blog tomorrow if you'd like to check it out.

  5. Nice card printing but its without article please write a article about your work.
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  6. Found these on pinterest! Thanks so much. Def plan on using these this winter! Kristy from

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  8. Is there any way to download these without being a Scribd subscriber?

    1. I do have copies of most of my pdf's that I would be happy to just email you, but unfortunately I cannot find this one in my files. I apologize.

  9. Very cute. but not a scribed i guess i'll need to find some other tags to use. bummer.


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