Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poker Chip Rings

Pa pa pa poker face pa pa poker face.
Just trying to make you suffer as I have, 
having that song stuck in my head all day long 

I'm blaming today's project:
Poker Chip Rings!

What you need:
*Glue: Epoxy or E6000.

*Rings with a flat pad 
I found these at Hobby Lobby. Wait until they are 50% off!!

*Poker Chips

such as postage seal stickers, buttons or flowers.

Glue the ring to the bottom of a poker chip

If you are using buttons, it's nice to add a little color with a postage sticker.

The poker chip gives you a nice big flat surface for the flowers!

Glue on buttons or other accessories.

I could sit here all day with Grandma Minnie's bucket of buttons!!

Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my poker face...
Just making sure it's officially good and stuck.

Post extension:
The stickers will slide off, so glue them down if you want them to stay!


  1. These are really cute. Nice idea.

  2. Nice! I like them!
    And now I have to go listen to it, thanks very much. ;)

  3. I love the big flower ring! And yes, how could you not sing that song while making them?! :)

  4. o my gosh! I love it!! i have to make these!! thanks for the wonderful idea!

  5. That is such an awesome idea! I am such a sucker for big, unique jewelry, which ususally means I make it myself. Thanks for the idea!


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