Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week, This week and a WINNER!!

Last Week
I had the opportunity to sit in a car with six hilarious people for two and a half days while we ran the Red Rock Relay race from Bryce Canyon to Zions.  It was SOOOO much fun! I had a crazy good time. I had the pleasure of getting to know people that were thoroughly entertaining and we had a great time running.  We were tired and sick and sometimes grumpy, but we laughed constantly.  What a fun weekend! Here is the entire team dressed in our 80's workout clothes.  Aren't we so attractive?!?

I completely lost my voice from cheering everyone on and probably from running on a dusty road. It's been weird not being able to talk at all.    My Brother Tyler was able run with us too! He was in the other van, and he rocked it! He had some really intense runs and he totally forgot to bring his good shoes.  I was really impressed that he did so well.  You can check out his funniness on his blog How Things Aren't.  If you stop by, say "Hi" for me!

This Week
I'll be tackling the barstools that I picked up at a yard sale for 5 bones each.  I've ordered some laminated fabric online and it should be getting here today! I'm really excited to refashion these chairs! You'll have to drop by later in the week and let me know what you think.

And the Winner of the Redi Shade giveaway is:

Thanks for all the entries! I wish I could send a coupon code to all of you!  I made The Joe draw a name out of a bowl because I was afraid I would peek.

Congratulations Trisha!  
I hope you love your shade as much as I've been loving mine!  They are pretty darn cool!

Have a great Monday everyone!! 


  1. Hi Andy!! I ran the RRR this weekend too, it was a blast!! I LoVE your cute outfits!

  2. I think driving you all would've been a blast, running... not so much! Glad you all had fun!!

  3. I ran the red rock this weekend too and I remember the guy with the teal shirt and purple pants. That's awesome:)


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