Saturday, August 14, 2010

From chair to real bench to fake bench...

How to spend an absurdly unnecessary amount of time on a project:

Take these chairs:

Gross out at all the goodies under the booster.

Decide to turn the two into a bench.

Trace the seats onto a sheet of mdf and cut them out with a jigsaw.

Take the inside arms off.

Be glad that the seat actually fits back into place and that you didn't accidentally cut the kitchen table with the jigsaw.

Take apart an old body pillow to use for the seat cushion and upholster the seat.

Get nervous that this part of the chair is going to look a little funky cold medina.

Decide that it absolutely looks too funky cold medina.

Rip the fabric off and try and make the torn scraps stretch to cover the original seat.

Put the two chairs on the opposite sides of another chair to give them a faux bench look until you can work up the energy to paint the other arms and put them back on.


  1. i liked the 2 chairs as a bench......maybe had you used a different mat'l it would have striked you different?

  2. Andy.... I hear ya! I've had those days. I have been looking for two orphan chairs for a long, long time. (free or cheap of course)
    Have you seen this?
    There are so many great things to do with chairs into benches.
    I think the problem with yours are the back extends further than the seat. hmmmm If only you had two of the middle kind!
    sorry for the stress!
    good luck my friend! keep us posted!

  3. You are so funny! All of your projects looks great! Love the material you used!

  4. I turned a sofa into a bench.

    maybe you could have the two chairs facing eachother and do it that way?

  5. Gail, that link is too awesome! I love how that turned out.

    Lexi, your sofa bench is totally amazing. I love all of your cushions too! Great inspiration!

  6. SOOO cute!! I love the 3 chairs together, the material you used is awesome! The white paint distressed is so cute! Okay, this might sound a little funny... but I LOVE your wedding ring in the picture! I noticed it right away! :)

    ...visiting from Sassy Sites!

  7. I've got the chairs into bench project on my to-do list!
    but I do love the 3 chairs together...especially with the different fabrics!!!

  8. I love these three together. What if you just screwed a 2x4 painted white under the chairs to hold them together?

  9. I like the faux bench. It looks fun and funky :).

  10. Sometimes the end result of a project gone bad is simply kismet. I think you've acheived kismet with your last combo. I love it!

  11. *giggle* I love that you shared the whole process. I am thinking I like the separate chairs better. I love the fabric on all of them.

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  13. My 12 yr old and I were just reading your post and looking at your pics ... and both us loved your floral fabric and eyed out your fab ring :)
    You have wonderful projects, thanx for sharing them!

  14. ahhh, you guys are too too sweet. Thanks for the ring compliments. I'm sure that will make The Joe pretty stoked. And I'm totally loving the kismet comment. Lol.

  15. VERY COOL. I need to try this one. I am going to be on the look-out for chairs now.

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