Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Tour by My Dream Canvas

Hey everyone, I'd like you to meet Anu! She's written a guest post home tour for us!  She has a great style and it's been a pleasure getting to know her!

Welcome Home...I am Anu, currently a full time mom with a passion for home interiors and travel. My Dream Canvas is my foray into the blogging world. My home is a canvas to bring my everyday thoughts to life, and an outlet for my creative energy. I am also an avid photographer. My main interest lies in landscape photography. I am currently working on a photography portfolio which should be online soon.

To be honest, I do not follow a particular decorating style or theme. I would probably call my style eclectic. It is simply a reflection of my personality :-) A lot of the pieces in my home are a fusion of family heirlooms and mementos from our travels. My home is tapestry of different styles. I like the fact that I have a collection of Murano glass from Italy, Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic, pottery from Mexico and Spain, knick knacks from flea markets and antique stores, furniture from the Far East, and artifacts from India. They all complement each other.

I believe that your style should be your own. Experiment, create, be yourself, and just have fun :-)

Do step into my world and my life......

I love flowers and they are an essential part of my home!

My favorite corner for a morning cup of tea ..

I love collecting Buddha statues..

I like to entertain and this was taken at a Christmas dinner a few years ago.

Do visit me at my blog My Dream Canvas as I love to share ideas and make new friends:-)

Thanks Anu! You have a gorgeous home! You've been so kind to put together such a lovely tour for us! 
~Wishing you all the best!!


  1. Wow Andy...thanks so much for a great feature. I am really honored!!

  2. A very talented lady!

  3. Hi Andy....I am hosting a Giveaway from CSN stores. Do stop by my blog. I would love to see you there! Take care Anu.

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