Thursday, April 8, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking..."Boy has this been ONE CRAZY week!" Last week I mentioned that I needed to take a sick day because I had been taking care of 3 different cases of stomach flu...well...Friday night I caught the bug...I was SO sick! So that is 4 out of our 6 that spent a day or two in the worst misery of their lives....BUT...we have been sick free for 5 days and boy does it feel good!!!

Another thing I am thinking about is that right before I got sick we had our ultrasound appointment and found out that #5 is another boy!

(digi scrapped with gg digital designs- My Baby Boy kit)

Also, I have been thinking about Ikea! Isn't it strange that all 3 of us were feeling the Ikea love! I thought this week I would share something that Santa brought my 2 boys for Christmas.

Do you have 2 children sharing a room?
Are they at the age where they are starting to have "their" own stuff?
Do they need a space of their own?
Are you getting sick of the piles of stuff?
Do your kids like Legos?
Do they always have something that they "just can't break apart because it took all day"?

Then I have the solution for you...

The Trofast storage system from Ikea. Santa brought both of my boys each their own tower. Santa was a little nervous spending $65 dollars/kid (that includes the bins too), but I can tell you now...4 months later that it was the BEST decision ever!! Gone are the days of the piles of stuff that look useless to me but were treasures to them. Gone are the days of the never ending battle to get them to throw stuff away or find a place for it! The rule now is: If it doesn't fit in your "secret drawers" then it can't stay!

One of my favorite parts is that it is flat on the top...the perfect place for all of those "please don't make me break this apart!" Lego masterpieces!

What are some of the organizing splurges you have that are still TOTALLY worth it months later?

Think about it...


  1. I love those! We bought 2 of the bigger systems (stair step-style) last year and they now corral many a Lego. Thank goodness...I was tired of stepping on, vacuuming and fishing out of baby's mouth those little plastic gems!


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