Friday, April 30, 2010

Parade of Homes Linky Party!!!

I've had an incredible week of touring beautiful homes!
Thanks again to all of our participants and viewers as well!!

Today is a day for you to join in on the action!!!
Create a post featuring a favorite room in your home and pop on over and share it with us!

I'll jump start the linky parade by sharing my favorite place in our home:

Our family room!
I love that this room is so comfortable with loads of extra seating!

I totally fell in love with this white chair when Shelley linked it to Creative Cats one week. I had to buy it!  It's the perfect place to sit and read. I put a little yellow painted ladder next to it for a book shelf. Right now I'm reading "Catching Fire". Read "The Hunger Games" first, they're both good!

On the other side of the love seat I stuck this green bench to act as a side table. 
It's in a different place then it was for the apron picture, but that will give you an idea of how frequently I move things around. Lol.  

We have extra books stored on top of the farmhouse window shelves. The Joe and I sell these, but we're taking a little break while we finish the basement.  

Above the overstuffed chair hangs my favorite piece of artwork EVER that was painted and given to me by my cousin Rebecca.  Isn't it fantastic?  Yep, she's pretty amazing.

I also love the fact that I can be right in on the family room action while I'm doing dishes or prepping for dinner!

This is the first piece of furniture ever made be The Joe.  It's a blanket box to hold all of the quilts from Kathy and Dixie and the afghans from Mom.  It wasn't green back in the day, but I thought it would be fun to match the decor of the room. I love the bright cheery colors mixed with the chocolate browns.

After seeing the colors in my house, my sweet SIL Deanne made me an apron to match my house.  How nice is that? 

I love this room because it's where we always gather as a family.  It's where we watch t.v., do homework, play with cousins, and read! It's not a decorative masterpiece,  but it fits our family well!

If you missed touring the homes, you can start the tour by clicking on #1

Now it's your turn to show off a room in your home!

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Please leave sweet comments to those who are participating in today's party.


  1. I have had so much fun reading your blog all week. Thanks for posting the party, and for all the fun ideas!



  2. Hi Andy, just joined the fun..thanks for hosting!!

  3. I love your family room. Very inviting. Thanks for hosting this party!

  4. Andy I can see why this is your favorite room, it looks very comfortable and fun at the same time....I really am loving the yellow ladder shelf, I need that!

  5. Andy, This was a fun party! It was so nice to go through a parade of homes and never leave my home!! Great idea!! We have always loved your blog...thanks for keeping us inspired!!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting! I can't wait to look around!

  7. I love your family room! I loved looking at all the beautiful homes this week...Thanks for hosting!

  8. Oh lovely... Gorgeous people.. make gorgeous homes.. And yours is truly sparkling... Lovely!!

  9. Wonderful! Family rooms are supposed to be just exactly what this one is -- full of books and comfy seating, lots of "comfort" furniture and items.... not a show-off decorator's piece!
    It's perfect ... thanks for sharing!
    PS LOVE those over-the-window shelves. Brilliant.

  10. Thanks for sharing! Where did you get those cute orange and green polka dot pillows? I noticed them in several other rooms too and love them!

  11. I've really enjoyed the parade of homes! What a great idea! Thanks for letting all of us participate with the linky party! :)

  12. Thanks for hosting such a great parade and link party! Its been so much fun! I love your blog and have added it to my blog roll so I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from me in the future. ;)

  13. I love all the pops of green in this room. You have a great decorating style. Thanks for the Parade of Homes. It was so fun to peek inside so many beautiful homws.

  14. I've enjoyed the Parade of Homes - such a good idea. Thanks for organizing the link party as well.

  15. Wow! this week was a TON of work (on top of me asking you to guest blog!) What was I thinking? Anyhow, I am featuring your link party and Day 5 so my viewers can go back through each house. This was an awesome idea and I received much inspiration (and jealousy).

  16. Love your blog! I can see why this is your favorite room. It looks so comfy yet has a lot of visual pop! I could sink into that white chair with a good book! Thanks for hosting & have a great week!

  17. This is supposed to be the day I catch up on things I let slide while playing at sales the last 3 days. I can not tear myself away from your blog!

  18. Thanks for hosting! This was such a fun week!

  19. Hi, Thanks for having this fun party! I enjoyed looking at all the homes. I am finishing up a post right now to add to the linky party.
    Have a wonderful week!!

  20. Andy - thanks so much for the chance to show off our own favorite rooms! Lots of beautiful links for inspiration!

  21. I love your family room! The pops of color are great!!
    I linked....thanks for hosting, sorry I was late to the party!


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