Monday, April 12, 2010

Bed redo repeat

Happy Monday!! 

We have finally had some nice weather here this weekend.  This time of year there is lots to do out in the yard....cutting back the perennials, raking up the lawn, tilling the garden and planting some seeds, etc. etc. I love it!  We spent the majority of our weekend outside and I, therefore, have no new projects to post today.  However, I wanted to post about a bed I redid last year.  It was one of my first big projects and my first experience with spray paint.  I linked this to Creative Cats long before I actually posted on this blog, but I love this bed so much that I thought it warranted a post of its own.  Here is the original post from last year......

"Our neighbors accross the street just moved. My hub helped them load up and they had these 2 twin beds (that can stack into bunk beds) that they were giving to DI. My hub (being the deal shopping man that he is) asked if we could just take them off their hands instead. They were painted cute, but weren't quite what I wanted. Here's a look...

I decided I wanted to try spray painting. I see blogs where people just spray paint everything and I wanted to give it a try. So, I went to Home Depot and to the spray paint aisle. Did you know how many different colors of spray paint there are? I was amazed! I was just going to do the bed in black, but then I saw this color...

I LOVE this color! It made me remember a sidetable I saw on Pottery Barn website. I stared and stared at the can trying to decide if I was brave enough to do the bed in blue. Finally, i bought the blue....and the stew over it more at home. I started off sanding it all down. This little thing came in really handy with this project...

After I sanded them and wiped them down, I used white spray primer over the whole thing - especially over the blue and red parts

Then I sprayed a little bit of the blue on to see what I thought. I stared at it and stared at it again...trying to see if I had the nerve to keep it blue. Black is so much safer, ya know? Finally, I decided to just go for it (With the thought that I could always do it black if I wanted to at the end). So, I sprayed the whole thing in blue. But, it still didn't love it. I was reaching for the black, when I decided maybe it just needed some distressing. I used my sander and sanded the edges like crazy. Then, I even decided to bang it up a little with a hammer and a wrench (I could still cover it up with black, right?) I thought this would be fun, but it stressed me out. How was I supposed to do this without making it look like I just hit it with a hammer and a wrench? Anyway, I did it and I think it turned out okay. Then, I brushed on some dark stain and then wiped it off, trying to leave more in the cracks. I have to say...after deliberating for days... I LOVE the finished product.

Take a look...."

And I Still love this bed!  I can barely walk in my little guy's room without admiring it.  I'm so glad I decided to stick with blue and so glad I did it with spray paint.


  1. Very brave of you! I love the way it turned out, very pretty!

  2. That color is so cute. I love it

  3. OH wow so mcuh better after, I love how it turned out, great job!

  4. LOVE the way it turned out! It looks awesome!

  5. They look great! Spray paint and a wrench are always the way to go :)

  6. It's gorgeous! I think you did the right thing!

  7. Hannah! You sure can't beat that price! :)
    the bed looks great! I love the glaze/stain and the distressing. Perfect for a boy.
    I'm also glad you jumped on the spray paint bandwagon! Welcome aboard!
    Hope you have a great week, with more good weather.

  8. i love all the creative knowledge that is shared, and lovely, friendly way all the posts are written! You all deserve a blog award! Congrats!

  9. I've been wanting to do this project for awhile. Thanks for more inspiration! I never thought of using spray paint. Your bed looks awesome!

  10. LOVE how it turned out! I did our fire place mantel in blue.


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