Tuesday, April 6, 2010

affordable oversized headboard...

After moving into our house I decided to buy some pillows and lamps from Ikea that I've always loved.  

{{Hannah and I seem to be on an Ikea kick this week}}.

I brought these lovelies home, and for some reason they just didn't seem that cute to me. Don't you hate it when that happens?  Well, I decided that they needed a better backdrop.  

I needed a bigger headboard. 

To avoid spending any money, The Joe and I cut some pieces of base molding we had in our garage.

This is a little easier if you have access to a chop saw.  Set the saw to cut a 45 degree angle and cut two pieces in the opposite direction. We made these boards 6' tall.  

Then, cut  a third piece to fit inside them by cutting the ends at 45 degree angles.  Measure the size of your bed to determine how long this board should be.

After you're done chopping, find the center of your wall. You'll also want to find the center of the middle piece of molding and line it up with the other boards up to create a large rectangle against the wall.

We dragged the ol' air compressor inside and nailed the boards right to the wall.  Yes, you will only want to try this idea if you are completely sure you won't be rearranging your bedroom.  This is the only wall in our room that will work for the bed, so I felt pretty safe.

Then just paint the inside!

I bought some chocolate paint to paint the trim with, but I just like the white so much I can't bring myself to paint it.  The Joe really loves chocolate and thinks it would look better to contrast with the wall color.  I don't know. I'm going to have to think that one over. The room just feels so bright and airy to me.  I love that!

 One day I will paint one of the walls in this house chocolate for you Joe, I promise!!

Mmmmm. mmmm.. mmmm!! It makes it feel so much more master-ish...

It even makes me love the pillows and lamps in here too!! 

Best of all, it can be done with just a few dollars worth of molding and a splash of paint!

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  1. This looks fabulous! So simple with such a huge impact! Great job!

  2. Wow! That looks great!!!!! I never would've thought about that. You're so smart!

  3. I love those pillows and lamp shades - off to Ikea's website to see if they still have them.

    Oh, and your headboard looks great, too!


  4. Genius! I have a King size bed and a giant wall behind the bed that I have no idea what to do with. I am showing my hubby this and sending him to Home Depot ASAP! THANK YOU!

  5. What a great idea! I love it!
    ☺ Celeste

  6. Beautiful! I am going to feature this on my blog tomorrow.

    I haven't had a headboard in the 12 years I have been married. It is so time for me to grow up and get one!

  7. andy, that looks great! i love the wreath- it really finishes the look. i have those same lamps bedside in my room. ;)

  8. What a great idea-
    Now if I can just learn to use a chop saw!

    I enjoyed visiting-
    I am linking to the same parties.


    White Spray Paint

  9. I love this idea!! So nifty. I agree with keeping the white. Looks so fresh and airy.

  10. What a beautiful transformation!

  11. Love it, just love it! And that wreath! Yumm...

  12. Your bedroom turned out fabulous!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  13. That makes such a big difference! Love the color too!

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  15. sorry. i deleted the above comment b/c apparently i can't spell :)

    genius idea! thanks for sharing!

  16. How is it that you've only been in your house a couple of weeks and it already has more paint in it than my house??? BTW, the headboard is fabulous. A nice simple idea, but it makes a great impact....I might have to give it a try one of these days :)

  17. This is such an amazing, cheap, quick, classy idea! I absolutely love it! Your creativity astounds me!

  18. I am going to feature this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  19. I love this idea...I should probably wait to try it until I own my walls though! :)

  20. hey Andy, I had a breastreduction on tuesday.. for me it's kinda hard to hide it so I thought Id be pretty open about it lol. Thats funny they made a website of all the movies!!! I might just take you up on that! Thanks for caring, your such a sweet person and I am SO glad you live close by now!!! Come visit anytime

  21. Two ideas. One, try photoshopping your photos to see if chocolate works. Two, leave frame white, and instead paint broad chocolate stripes on the entire wall so as to surround the frame, sort of like a stick frame which has looooong arms.

  22. Great idea that I think I will steal!!

  23. What a great idea! I love that you hung a wreath above your pillows--it looks so lovely and finished. I also really like the white on the trim--I say keep it! :)



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