Monday, March 22, 2010

A little Shade.

Oy. I have been looking for 2 days and can't find my camera's power cord anywhere! It is completely out of juice and is full of all the pictures I took for this post. I finally gave in and pulled out my camcorder. It has the ability to take still pictures, though they aren't good at all.  Better than nothing, though, I guess.

Ever since daylight savings we've been dealing with children who don't want to go to bed because it's "still light outside". Sound familiar?  My kids usually go to bed about 7:30....but it has moved until more like 8:30 since the time change.  Well, I decided to try something to help.   I bought a tan, suede curtain from a tent sale at DownEast Home about a year ago.  It's a Pottery Barn drape, regularly $79...but I got it for $10.  The measurements are 52x108.  That's right....extremely long!   It seemed like the perfect thing for some shade in my boy's room though.   Nice and thick.

I don't have any "during" to post since they're all on the dead camera.  Pretty much I just cut the drape in half and hemmed the bottoms and created a casing for rod on the side that didn't already have one.  It was very simple and quick. My husband helped me put up a little curtain rod and we're done.  Now, not only will the room be much darker, it will also keep it cooler in the summer.  This rooms gets very hot on summer evenings because of the way it faces.  Hopefully, this quick little project will help us get a little more sleep around here. :)



  1. oh good luck. I hate day light saving's for the mess it makes of bed time.

  2. Yeah! Great job! I specifically remember being upset one time when my friends were still outside playing and I had to go in and go to bed...and it was still sooo light!

    Sweet dreams!

    : )

    Julie M.


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