Friday, March 5, 2010

Creative Cats !!!

Welcome to today!

Oh how I love our Creative Cats community!
I'm continually amazed and impressed by the level of talent out there!!
Welcome back if you've been here before, and welcome welcome welcome if you are a 
new cat!

Check out some of our amazing Creative Cats from last week!

I love this Lazy-Susan craft station brought to you by:

I would love to try this!

Can you pick out the last name in this picture? 
Very clever idea brought to you by:

(Hoyt) isn't that fun!

You've gotta check out these fabulous candlesticks, a great tutorial brought to you by:

Lovely, lovely LOVELY!!!!

I had a really hard time picking only 3 from last week. There were so many good ones!!
 Thank you!

Well, let's get this party started! 
Link a specific blog post
Link back to Creative Cats
Check back next week to see if you've been featured as a favorite!


  1. I want to make that sign by Sassy Style. It's so cute! Thanks for hosting again.

  2. Great featured projects! Those candlesticks are amazing! :)

  3. Love the painted sign. Am really experimenting with lettering and stencils at the moment so am drawn to this one!

  4. I LOVE the lazy Susan, it's so colorful and I think it's better than the PB version she was inspired by!

    I'm new to this carnival, so I hope you don't mind that I entered more than one of my links. Thank you for doing this!

  5. This is my first time playing along. I am loving the featured projects (I think I now know why I have felt compelled for some odd reason to stockpile coffee cans - lol!). Can't wait to peruse the other links!

  6. Happy Friday! Looking forward to checking all these projects out!

  7. Happy Friday - always love to see what all the creative cats are doing!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  8. This is a new blog to me and I love it. Thanks for featuring everbody. It's fun to see what others are creating.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting! I look forward to it every Friday.
    Following you, too!

  10. I'm going to have so much fun looking through all these tonight!

  11. What great features! Can't wait to check out the links! Thanks for hosting - Have a great weekend!

  12. Looking forward to going to all these blogs...Having trouble sleeping tonight so decided to blog hop.
    Love your blog.. Hope you will stop by mine...I just added some extra giveaways that I am drawing for on Sat night.


  13. That lazy susan would be perfect for ANYONE w/ kids..perfect!

  14. I just wanted to let you know that I have now linked to your linky party. . thanks for hosting it. . I love to come back each week and see what bloggers you highlighted. I got interrupted and then never came back and then forgot. . oops :) It is corrected now. Here is the post:


  15. I am so glad to be creating so I can play again. Thanks for throwing the party.

  16. This is an awesome blog! I am so excited to check back. I'm a new follower!


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