Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Chalkboards are on the brain this week.  
Check out these incredibly inspiring examples:

What a great way to pull black into the room to ground it, but still manage to keep the elegant charm.

How great is this??
Yep, really really really great.
I have 7 people in my fam, so I could also have a hook for each family member.
I WANT IT!{{And while I'm coveting, I might as well throw that red bench on the wish list!}}

If you've followed Poppies for awhile, you'll know how much I adore pegboards.  Next week when we're in our new house I'm sure you'll start seeing them pop up in every room.  I love the idea of hanging boards from them. Incredibly clever.  

B is for bananas.  Mmmmm.  

Chalkboard boxes. 
The room really intensifies the cuteness factor.

This room got me excited for my project:

Impossibly cute.  

I thought it might be fun to make a chalkboard for our bedroom.  
I picked up this board at The Home Depot for $3.47.

I also grabbed a can of chalkboard paint. 

Story time. 

Before The Joe and I were dating{{way back when}}we were involved in a little activity called "The Dating Game".  I was the bachelorette and I was suppose to pick one of 3 guys that were hidden from view to go out with. I asked questions to try and help me decide which one to choose. 

One of the questions I asked was," If you were going to write a poem in my honor, what would the first line be?" Looking back now, I realize what an insanely hard question that was, and I feel bad putting them on the spot like that.  Anyhoo, The Joe answered with one word:


Pretty interesting. I did like all of his answers in the game, but I recognized his voice and knew that a lot of my friends were in love with him, so I chose another contestant to play it safe.   

The next day happened to be Valentine's Day.  The Joe found me at church and said he had something for me.  I thanked him, but didn't have an opportunity to look at it until later that same day.  When I had a chance to open it, I was surprised to find a poem. He said that he'd finished the poem he'd written in my honor and wished me a happy Valentine's Day.  {{Heart melting}}.

To make a long story short we've now been married for 10 plus years and he is still doing sweet little things that melt my heart everyday. 

I decided it might be fun to write the poem that started this whole crazy love and display it on our bedroom wall.  Something that can remind me everyday of how lucky I am to have my own little paradise.    

The end.


  1. Awwwww...sniff-sniff! This is beautiful in so many ways!

  2. What a beautiful memory, and what a lovely, LOVELY way to display the poem!

  3. What a sweet story and a beautiful poem! A wonderful use of your chalkboard :)

  4. That is an absolutely PRECIOUS memory! YOu have a GREAT man there!

  5. Awe! Andy how sweet, romantic and a great idea for your bedroom!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  6. How sweet! I had someone tell me the secret to a long, happy marriage is a thoughtful husband. They all have their own little ways of reaching out and getting thru to us in their own little thoughtful ways. What a sweetie! And how great to put it in your room where you can always be reminded. Cute idea. Thoughtful husbands are the best:)

  7. Just did my 1st chalkboard piece this week, check it out. http://www.kenadierose.net/2010/03/my-3-four-projects.html

  8. So sorry its my second comment! I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments on my blog it means a lot!!



  9. I just love your blog Andy! I am getting so many ideas from it! Love the chalkboard idea, I can't wait to use it somewhere.

    Hearing part of your story of how you and Joe met, makes me want to hear the whole story! I love "love stories"!


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