Thursday, February 4, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about Valentines Day...

Okay...I'll be honest...I would like to think that Valentines Day is HUGE deal for the Mr. and I, but it really isn't. I remember our first year of marriage. We were overwhelmed at all of the holidays that you celebrate with gifts and fuss. It seemed like every other month we were on the hunt for the perfect thoughtful gift. It was ridiculous!! So we decided to strip the way we celebrated way WAY down. Most things we celebrate by going out to dinner or something else where we get to spend time together. Actually the only event we buy gifts for each other anymore is birthdays...and occasionally Mother's Day/Father's Day. (Thats right folks...not even Christmas!) I LOVE it this way! It takes the stress out of the holiday and we can just look forward to spending time together with out the pressure of finding the perfect gift!

Anyhoo...that was a long little my kids have gotten older it has been fun to add in little traditions for the holidays. Last year I made some "I love you" hearts. Each person in our family was given 5 hearts the week leading up to Valentines Day. I explained that they were to find ways to serve in our home and then leave a heart behind. It was so fun to watch their excitement at being "sneaky"while looking for something kind to do. I found my bed made with a heart on my pillow or the loft clean with a heart on the couch. It was just so fun!! It quickly became apparent that this HAD to be added as a yearly tradition in our home!

1 pkg 6 inch foam hearts
a pen

Seriously folks all I did was buy a package of pre cut foam hearts at Wal-Mart and I wrote the words "I Love You" on each one! Simple as that! I stash them in with my Valentines decorations and bring them out when I decorate!

(I know...not the best picture of the kiddlets...but hey...oh well)

I saw this way cute valentines box in this months issue of Family Fun. My 2nd grader is supposed to bring a decorated box to class next Friday and I think this idea is totally up his alley! It looks really easy to make...out of a tissue box!

I also found this idea a while ago and have already scheduled my mom to come over and show me how to make her fabulous cinnamon rolls. I think making heart shaped ones is just an adorable idea for Valentines Day breakfast!

Some day I would love to make these really cute valentines pouches for each child in our family. I first saw these on the show Jon and Kate plus 8. I LOVED the idea! Then I found a picture of some that Pottery Barn kids used to sell...(they don't anymore). It looks pretty simple to construct.

I already have the buttons to make this cute heart pillow! Now I just need to find the time to make it! I don't think I will actually make a pillow though. I think I might frame it instead and use it to decorate one of my MANY many shelves!

Aren't these felt pillows just adorable!? I love this idea and already have the felt and thread to do it! I totally planned on making them last week, but I got a major cold, threw my back out, and I am...pregnant with #5....lets just say that last week was a doozey!

These adorable flower valentines are on my list to help my 4 year old daughter make to hand out to her preschool class. Aren't they cute...and they look super easy too! The printable patterns are HERE and HERE from Skip to my Lou!

Okay and last but not least...I know that Sunday is the Super Bowl! A few years ago I put together these ref signal cards. If you follow THIS link it takes you to the NFL site. Click on the different ref calls. Print out on a piece of white cardstock and write the call name on the back. I fit about 2 pictures on one piece of paper and then cut and laminated them. They should last for years to come! The aim of the game is to see who can guess the most calls correct by just looking at the picture. It is super easy and fun to do during half time! See how much your husband really does know! It is a really fun game!

What Valentine's Day traditions make the holiday special for your family?

Think about it...


  1. I love the heart idea! I'm storing this idea for next year (they are a little too young). Also congrats! HOpe you feel better.


  2. I agree on all the holidays with gifts- it gets so overwhelming and takes the fun right out of it. Me and my husband also do not buy each other Christmas gifts or even birthday gifts - the only holiday we really get each other anything is fathers/mothers day!! We like buying gifts for the kids way more then each other!! I wish I was better at traditions- I can honestly say I don't think we have any - but my kids are still really young so hopefully I can come up with something before its to late!!!!

  3. Glad to hear the hubs and I arent' the only ones that don't do V-day, Christmas, and stuff. We don't even do birthdays because BOTH our birthdays are RIGHT BEFORE Christmas! Instead we celebrate little things throughout the year, like doing well at work, keeping the house clean all week, etc. It's fun and it makes our celebrations spontaneous!

    Our 'gifts' to each other have become more things for the house that we need or want- like the TV mounting kit my husband got this year, or the living room set I got last year. We really like it this way!

  4. I love the button heart idea, and having it framed instead! so cute!

  5. Thank you!! you are a life saver!! We have been hunting for a cute valentine craft for the kids to make for school!! Those flower valentine's are perfect!! Thanks :)

  6. I loved your button heart frame idea so much I made one! See my post about it here:

    Thanks so much!


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