Monday, February 1, 2010


Happy Monday and Happy February!

Here's an idea for a simple, cheap, homemade gift.  You can change up the letters and make this for any number of occassions. Like mom, love, a specific name, happy, even age pictures...your one year old holding up O-N-E. The possibilities are endless.

I made this framed picture for my husband's birthday about a year and a half ago.  I intended to update it each year on his birthday, but completely forgot until now (his birthday's in July...oops).  Here's what it looked like a year and a half ago....

Cute boys, eh?  I can't believe how much they've changed since these were taken.

I took a foam poster board and cut out the letters "d" and "a" and spray painted them black. Old cardboard or poster board would work just as well. Then, I just had each of my boys hold a letter while I tried and tried to get a decent picture (this is NOT easy with a bunch of little boys).  When I did this originally, I went to Ross and found a little tri-fold frame that holds 4x6 pictures. Perfect! 

Here are the new pictures (I was trying to go kinda old polaroid, vintage looking, but I'm not good at photo editing).....

I just placed the new pictures over top of the old ones in the frame....

And now my husband will take this back to work and put it on his desk.  A super simple and cheap, homemade gift from the boys to their daddy.


  1. What a clever and cute idea! It's perfect for a daddy gift (you also have the perfect number for mom too, right? Think you need some mom photos too :-)) Love the idea.

  2. That's the cutest idea! I'll bet your husband loves it, and how great that you update it every year.

  3. that is such a cute idea! i'm giving my husband a photo collage of our new house numbers as one of his valentine's day gifts. but it would work with a special date, too.


  4. So cute. Now I just have to remember about this in June for Father's Day.


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