Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home and Family Vinyl

Boards and tiles are not included.

Grandparents Vinyl $14 Set or $7 each +Shipping
Vinyl fits on 12'' Tiles

Home Subway $6+Shipping
Vinyl fits on a 12'' Tile

Dining Room Subway $10+Shipping
Vinyl measures 13.5''X21.5''
*Commercially approved utensil vectors from Snap2objects

Sitting in a Tree $8+ Shipping
Vinyl measures 11.5''X11.5''

*Commercially approved bird vector by Snap2Objects

Love Birds $5+Shipping
Vinyl measures 7''X7''
*Commercially approved bird vector by Snap2Objects

LOVE $8+Shipping
Fits on a 12''X12'' board

I have a Family
vinyl measures 12.75''X17.5''

Favorite Moments
Black vinyl pictured on a 13''X13'' board

Customized with first and last names.
Vinyl measures 9.5''X23.5''. Pictured on a 11.5''X26'' board.
Also looks great applied directly to the wall.

Daddy's Love
Vinyl for a tie holder
This vinyl is small enough to be folded and it fits inside an envelope.
If ordered separately, shipping is just $.50
Vinyl measures 21''X3.5''

My Soul
Vinyl fits on a 12''X12'' board or tile.
Available in chocolate brown, white, black or ivory.

Happiness List
Pictured on a 11''X18''board
Board not included~vinyl only

I Do Love
Fits on a 9" square. Vinyl only.
Available in black or white vinyl.


  1. I just love your stuff! :) You are so creative and amazing. I think to myself "I can do that!" Then my next thought is "Yeah after 2 days! So why bother when she has done it so amazingly cute for me!" So...You are now officially on my "to-buy" list. LOL. Thank you for working for me.

  2. How do I order the two that i'd like?

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Kelsee,

      Just email me the name and number of the vinyls you are interested in and I'll send you a paypal invoice. andy@poppiesatplay.com. If you click the "Back to the Market" button at the bottom of the post and it'll take you to a page that explains ordering and shipping prices and also allow you to see the other categories of vinyl.


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