Thursday, November 26, 2009

think about it Thursday...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Today I am thinking about YOU...

Today I am thinking about how thankful I am that I get to share my creations with you lovely peeps. What a fun blog this is!!! I get so inspired by you all!

Here is a little project that I worked on this week...

Each year we get each of our children a new ornament for our tree. This tradition was something that the Mr's family did growing up. The first Christmas after we were married a package arrived on our doorstep. My mother in law had sent us all of Travis' ornaments for our first tree! I LOVED this idea!

So each year I try and find the perfect ornament. I usually try to get an ornament that represents that child and what they did that year. We have had school buses, and soccer playing snowman, princesses, the hulk...each one brings back a memory of each child at a specific age. This year with the help of a little on line searching I found some great ornaments. My oldest is obsessed with Legos this year...seriously...he is in love with them. On the Lego website they have ornaments that you put and glue together...Perfect! Next was my 61/2 year old son...this one was easy...this year he has been obsessed with Pokemon. I don't think he even realizes that it is a game that you play...he just LOVES the thrill of buying the packs and trading the cards. So his was pretty easy too! Next comes my one and only girl! I knew exactly the perfect ornament. She LOVES the Fancy Nancy books! If you haven't read them you must! They are super duper cute! would think that with books so popular an ornament would be easy to find...WRONG!! Not a Fancy Nancy ornament to be I got to thinking...surely I could make one....hmmmm!!

I scanned in a picture from one of the books (actually her latest one which just happens to be a Christmas one...perfect!):

Next I opened it up in Photoshop Elements:
I created a circle shape about 3x3inches. I did a little clone stamping to take away the edges of the picture and add more snowflakes onto the whole thing instead of just at the top...I LOVE Photoshop! Seriously the possibilities are endless...

Then I printed my finished circle onto some vellum:

I bought a package of 4 clear empty ornaments at Michaels for about $2:
They aren't perfectly round...they are round from top to bottom, but kinda flat front to back! This helps the picture stay up in the ornament.

I used my handy dandy circle cutter to cut out my picture:

Finally I just rolled up my picture and slipped it into the empty ornament. I also added some glitter and a few confetti stars. I plan on adding some cute rickrack and ribbon too!

And there you have it! Seriously super easy! It took about 30 minutes....well it would have taken less time if I wasn't so picky with the photoshopping, but I am who I am...!! ; )

What kind of ornament can you make?

Think about it....


  1. I love this idea! My son loves Richard Scarry books, so I can't wait to make one. I have never seen the flat-sided ornaments... I have inserted small photographs in round ornaments, but it's hard to position them. In past years, I've just glued hooks to actual toys he likes (dinosaurs, knights...) Easier and cheaper than finding actual ornaments.

  2. So cute! We do this with the ornaments too. It's fun to look back and remember the kids at each age.

  3. This is so cute! I am a teacher and so are most of my friends. Everyone has a favorite kids book! I could go nuts with this!

  4. I'm trying to make this for a friend of mine and was wondering if you still had the file of the picture part so I can just print it. I know that yours looks so much better than mine will!

  5. Sarah (I guess I assume Sarah instead of Jon lol...) I just scanned in the front cover of the book. Because of copyright laws I probably should share the image. I would be happy to help you through the process though....just let me know. Sorry! :(


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