Thursday, October 29, 2009

think about it Thursday...

This week I have been thinking about Christmas...strange I know since Halloween is on Saturday, but I am determined this year to get my Christmas shopping done earlier. I am always the one running around a few days before Christmas frantically trying to get my gifts together. Not this year...the only bummer is that all of the fun and exciting crafts that I have been working on are top secret for now...if I talked about it here...well that would just blow the surprise! So be prepared for January when I can tell all!

I did see this picture of a way fun idea for a fall decoration. I think I am going to do this on my kitchen table!

I also saw these ideas of some cute decorations for a game or toy room!
They look super easy to put together!

I did figure that I could share a little of what I have been working on with out blowing the whole surprise. Has anyone ever "stitched" before? Have you ever wanted to, but didn't know how to get started or what you even needed to get started? I LOVE to make homemade gifts and this is one way to do something thoughtful and cute for not much money!

Things you need to get started:
  • A pattern
  • muslin (I adore the tea dyed kind)
  • warm and natural batting (this helps so you can't see your threads through the front)
  • embroidery hoop
  • Mark Be Gone marker
  • embroidery floss (most patterns call for DMC floss)
  • frame (optional...I like to buy unfinished frames and paint them myself. Roberts Craft has some great sizes that I LOVE )
When I got started I just kept my floss they way that you buy it...after a while it gets kinda messy and tangled. Then I was introduced to the floss box! You buy the little white cards and wrap your floss around it. They you write the number on the top and you can organize them by number! I LOVE my floss box!

Don't know the basic stitches...most patterns have examples and diagrams of the stitches needed to complete them. When you pick up a pattern at the store if you flip it over and look at the back it usually has a list of the colors (by number) of floss needed.

First step: Cut out the size of muslin recommended by the pattern. Then cut a piece of warm and natural batting the same size.

Next: Use a light box if you have one...(honestly I don't think I know anyone who owns you?) I use my window. Tape your pattern to the window and then your muslin over it. You should be able to see the pattern through your muslin. Use your Mark Be Gone marker to trace the pattern onto your muslin.

Place your muslin back on top of your batting and place both into your hoop. Thread your needle with your beginning color and stitch away!

After your done with the entire stitch run the whole thing under water until the blue marker disappears. Pat dry and leave out until completely dry. Frame, or finish into a pillow!

If anyone is interested in more detailed details just leave a comment!

My challenge to you...make a homemade gift for Christmas. The possibilities are endless...just think about it!


  1. So I LOVE the cute Dice and domino idea!! So after two year off I am getting back into stitching, and yes after years of my arm killing transferring patterns on the window or TV if it was too dark outside I went to hobby lobby and got a small light table! LOVE IT!! :)

  2. I'm already working on Christmas too. I want to post about it, but am holding back until at least Halloween is over.

    Love the cute ideas in this post!

  3. I may have to try stitching sometime. Also, where did you see those cute dice things? I'd love to go read the tutorial if it's available somewhere...

  4. Hannah...I snagged those pictures a few months ago...back when I didn't keep track of where I got it! Sorry! From what I remember the dice were just a few 4x4 posts cut down into blocks...sanded and painted. The dominoes are wood too!

  5. Okay so just kidding...I found it on one of my other favorite craft blogs:

    So cute! This gal has lots of other great ideas too!


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