Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saving the Elements...

Before I moved into this house I found an entertainment center that I loved. It was brown with DOORS so I could close the ugly T.V. mess. I really did enjoy it, but since I am obsessed with moving things around it didn't take me too long to run it to the ground. I would slide it all over the house without taking out the T.V. or the components. It literally just fell apart one day. Instead of trashing the whole thing I had to salvage all of the elements that I liked. I of course grabbed the doors and the big rounded feet(which I can't seem to find now).
Yesterday I grabbed one of the doors and also the legs from our old dining table.The legs were a little long and the tops had these built in screws that I wasn't sure what to do with. I thought maybe if I could hit it hard enough with a hammer that they would break off.Ha ha ha...not likely, but it was a safer bet for me then hitting it with the chop saw. As I was hammering away the top of the leg started to twist. I thought the leg was one piece, but I was actually able to unscrew the top block!

I wanted the legs to be shorter anyway and that meant I didn't have to try and chop them down and worry about making them all exactly the same size. After I got the squareness off the top of the legs I held the leg up to the bottom of the table and shot nails thru the top of the door front.
Wah Lah...a cutie little table!

Before painting I had to sand down all the indentions caused by the nail gun and stick a little spackle in the holes.

I went with white...

lots and lots of coats and then sanded the edges and topped with a clear varnish...again lots of coats.

I needed something kind of tall to set on top, so I painted mr. redstar white to match the style.

This has been one of my favorite projects!!

It's really really fun to create something out of random objects lying around the basement. My daughter was so excited,"Oh, Mom! This table has a doohknob!! (She has issues with her "r" sound). She is so darling!



  1. Once again you created a masterpiece. I love it!

  2. Love it! Girl you are clever! I really love that you prevented those parts from going to landfill!

  3. One of my favorites too! Dang cute.

  4. i love this table. paint it white & distress it and just about anything turns out beautiful. i have one of those starts, maybe i should paint it??

  5. Amazing, as usual. I love how you accessorized it as well!

  6. That is so cute, I love the table and the accessories you added to it!

  7. Wow! This table really surprised me. You did a great job.
    The Joe

  8. That is completely adorable! Nice job!

  9. Very clever! I really like this one! You did such a great job with the table scape also!

  10. I Love this idea and have been wanting to make a sofa table or 2- I just found a couple of shutters and took the legs from an old table that was behind a thrift store I volunteer at (the top was beyond help!) Oh boy I am going to try this!!


    If this is any indication of what your blog is about- I have to follow you for all this inspiration!

  11. Love, love, love it! I have got to find me an old shutter somewhere!

  12. You're amazing. It's gorgeous and I love it! Great job as usual! ;)


  13. Oh my, that is tooo cute. One of best ideas for a table I have ever seen. Very creative! Thank you for sharing.

  14. I wanted to let you know that I featured this and your towel rack on my Dream Book, Furniture edition post, feel free to check it out and grab my I've been featured button. I just love them both.

  15. Oh my goodness!! You are truely amazing!! I would never look at doors and say...hmmmm...table!! I am going to feature you some come on over an grab a button!! Keep up the great inspiration also!! Love it!!

  16. Andy... I just saw this over at michelle's!
    this table is so darn cute! Great job.
    I love it.

  17. Clever girl! So cute!


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