Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair Pins

I chopped my hair off for the summer time. I love having it short, except for the fact that you can't do the whole pony tail thing when you are in a hurry. I've decided that bobby pins are the short haired girls pony tail.  I use them constantly. I thought I would make some cute hair pins for me and as a gift for my SIL birthday.  If you want something to do that's super easy and relatively inexpensive-this is project is for you. Here are the materials you'll need. I got all my supplies at Walmart. Back in the fabric department they have really large buttons with cute designs. They are $2 for a set of 3. I found some hair pins that have a flat surface on the top $2.50 for a set of 6.   You'll need to use epoxy to glue those suckers on. Anything else is just going to pop off. Use a toothpick to wipe the glue onto the pin. You don't want to get too much and glue the pin together.  While the glue dried I stuck the clip back on the edge of the paper so that if some of the glue seeped out I could just rip the paper backing off. You'll have to look at your epoxy bottle to see how long you'll need to let them dry. Mine took 24 hrs, but the seem to be holding tight so far!  Tomorrow is Creative Cats so drop by again tomorrow and bring something for show and tell!  I can't wait to see your projects!!


  1. Super cute Andy! I love the pins! You amaze me constantly! Well...I guess I shouldn't be amazed...I think creativity seeps from your veins!

  2. How CuTe!! That is so funny...I just bought those same blue and brown buttons last week and I have been trying to figure out what to do with I know!!! Thanks for the CuTe idea!!

  3. Those are perfect for my stepdaughter. Maybe if they are cute like yours, she will stop leaving them everywhere when she comes to visit!


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