Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I {heart} old windows!

One antique window 

Five little pegs 

A little paint, sandpaper and stain

An old watering can and twine
One sweet place to hang the kiddo's aprons!

I feel like I'm flaking on the whole "no pegboards promise". Sorry about that! I almost went to the hardware store and bought those big nails to use so I could stick true to my word, but I already had pegs and it would ruin the whole sweetness of doing this project for 2 bucks if I had to buy something!  I had to cave...
Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. I love, love, love this!!! Where did you find that old window? I go thrifting all of the time and have never come across such a fabulous window. I would have never thought to turn it into a pegboard for aprons, but it really works. Looooooove it! Now I am on the lookout for an old window.

  2. You are so funny!! :) Old windows are my favorite, too!!! It is very cute!

  3. I guess it is OK that you caved since you made someting soooooo ADORABLE! : )

  4. Love this - looks great with the pegs!

  5. I love old windows and think your use of it is adorable!
    Why would you promise such a silly thing, anyway? ;)

  6. Oh my gosh...
    I love windows, watering cans and aprons!
    This is adorable!
    Visiting from Beyond the Picket Fence.


  7. So great--I love the colorful aprons hanging on the white window. Thanks so much for linking up to my first linky party!

  8. cool! I missed this the first time around! I love old windows too!

  9. How cutie it

  10. Very clever. I have used these windows for other things, but this is really cute.
    Diane at InMyOwnStyle


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