Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner is....

The giveaway is now officially closed! I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to post the winners, but I'm too excited....

The winner of the CoCalo Baby-Jackson set is......Misty!! Yay you!!

The winner of the CoCalo Baby-Alphabet Soup set is....Lindsay!! Woohoo to you!!
If you ladies would pretty please email your street addresses to me at  I will forward those onto  I'm so excited for you...and sad for everyone who didn't win. They look like they are going to be really cute! Once again thanks so much to for bringing us this giveaway!

Now onto today's project. I think I'm snapping this week. That kind of sounds like a cool slang word meaning that things are jiving....but that's not what I mean. What it really means is that everywhere I look in my house I find CLUTTER-CLUTTER-CLUTTER multiplying and replenishing.  It's making me SNAP and go CRAZY.  Luckily I believe that there is no shame in being crazy, so I can feel pretty comfortable admitting that.  One of the things that was driving me down the road to crazy today was the fridge.
 Yep, that's on a good day.  I decided to tackle the son of a gun.  I found some cork squares that they sell in a pack of 4 at the dollar store.
 I cut a couple of them down to fit the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets.  I used spray adhesive to add fabric.
I love that stuff, but it is ooey gooey. My fingers got so sticky that the cap of the spray bottle stuck to my finger. Ha ha ha! That cracked me up. I had to get a picture. 
 After I got the fabric on I once again used spray adhesive to stick the covered cork pieces to the inside of the cabinets.
 All the "necessary" clutter still exists-but hey- it's HIDDEN when I close the door which translates into a nice big SIGH{{{AAAHHHHHH}}}.


  1. That is such a freakin cool idea! I LOVE IT! I'm so going to use this idea in the near future! Also i'm redoing a kitchen table and 5 chairs and would love to send you my before and after and was thinking of stealing your idea of writing something on the middle of it....did you use paint or vinyl? Also, what kind of sealant or laquer did you use on the top if any? i'm so glad i came across your blog.

  2. WOOHOO!! I was so ready to be green with envy at whoever won your giveaways...but it's ME! Yay!

    I absolutely LOVE this idea -- I have softball schedules, meal lists, reminders for school and church ALL OVER...and the idea to stick it INSIDE the cupboard is pure genious. Out of sight...out of sight. I'm SO copying you. Again. :)

  3. I love this idea-now I just need a house to put it in.

  4. Awesome idea!! Love it!

    Congrats to the winner, I am totally jealous!

  5. I hate putting things on my fridge...but somehow it always ends up there, so the fridge is cluttered with a bunch of reminders and artwork etc. The inside the cupboard idea is great. I saw a picture or read an article or something about doing some sort of mail center inside the cupboard...similar to what you did, BUT of course, yours looks way cuter! Nice!!

  6. hey, just have to say I LOVE your stuff! I used to refinish wood furniture (I would strip, stain, and varnish, add new hardware, etc). I always loved the natural wood look, but I really like your paint ideas too. Don't have time for big projects like that anymore. I actually have a rocking chair that I've been working on for like 5 years. Yeah. Anyway, I like you're ideas, they're inspiring! :)
    Jeannine (from F&J)

  7. I love that idea! Cute fabric too.


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