Thursday, February 26, 2009

Candy Dish

Last year Rachel told me about a candy dish idea that she did in her ward for an enrichment activity. Everyone had a really great time making these and they came up with some really cool ideas.   I made some at the time and since I always check to see if I can find interesting plates. Here's the idea....Find a larger plate for the bottom, a smaller plate or bowl for the top and a little candle stick holder for the center.

 She said they also look really cute with long candle stick holders if you are going to stack 3 high.  They can be used for candy or appetizers at parties. She also just made smaller candy dishes with just a small candle stick holder and a small plate and put chocolates on them for her kids teachers. People came up with some really creative ones with tea cups and bowls too.   Use Epoxy to glue it together. I like the kind that sets in 30 minutes. Mine is actually all gone, so I'll just set them on top of each other to give you an idea of what it looks like.  The plates and the candle stick cost me $2 at DI. They also have really cute plates at Thai Pan Trading Co. I made my mom a fancier one for $11. Not to bad! Could be a Mom's day gift.
Here's a quote I found today that cheered me up:
"Too many people believe that creativity is a talent with which some people are born and the rest of us can only envy. This is a negative attitude that is completely mistaken.  Creativity is a skill that can be learned, developed and applied."~Edward de Bono

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  1. Rachel told me about these but I've yet to try it. Might be a fun activity for the YW.


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