Friday, January 23, 2009

Inexpensive Bathroom Facelift

My bathroom needed a major facelift.  It's really been a boring room.

 Since I don't really have the funds to renovate something spectacular I decided to spend $6 on some clearance wallpaper.
  I made a peg board to use for towels and robes and another little one for hand towels.  I put up some crown moulding we had lying around in the basement and added a little seating area with magazines. An old shelf that we had fit well over the doorframe and I bought the candle holder at D.I. for $2.  I decided to hang the magnet board that I had for sale on Poppy Ginger because it matched so well.  I'll buy some magnetic hooks and hang my necklaces.  O.K. so I really only have one necklace, but maybe when my kids are older and not trying to strangle me I'll get more. It's always nice to be prepared right?? I thought it was a success just because my hubby doesn't hate it-which I was almost certain he would because he can't stand wallpaper.  I'm contemplating painting the cabinets white and buying a cushy white bathroom rug....I should also clean the tub, but where is the fun in that?? I'd also like to welcome Brittany as a follower. Thanks for the nice comments and feel free to send me any fun ideas that you have as well.  

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