Monday, September 23, 2013

Shelf/Pegboard/Sign Thingy

For this project I used a 15''X24'' piece of 3/4'' mdf 
and a few scrap boards that I had lying around garage.

I routed a rectangular piece of wood for a shelf
 and made support triangles as well as a support beam.
I glued the and nailed the shelf together and then set it aside.

Before I attached the shelf to the board, I pre-drilled some holes for pegs and hanging holes.
I measured the middle of the board and the middle of the shelf to figure out where to nail the shelf to the board. 

Here's what it looks like with the shelf attached...

with pegs and paint...

and vinyl...

If you would be interested in slapping this vinyl onto a project of your own, 
you can shoot me and email and order it!

It's about 10.5'' wide and 13'' tall.

The cost is $5+ $4 Shipping. 
Shipping for vinyl is $4 for up to 4 different vinyls, so check out the other options if you'd like to save money on shipping.

Have a happy Monday!

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