Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run for it!!!!

I love to run.

Not an entirely true statement. Sometimes I hate it...a lot. Sometimes I have a great hate for running,
but sometimes I do love it. 

I love it when I have dedicated time to running and I have built up endurance.
I love it because it makes me feel

Grateful that I have the strength to run and that I have a beautiful word to run in.
Running gives me time to think, time to let go of the stress of the day and unwind.
When I come back from running my body feels tired, 
but my brain tells me that I can handle the day.

Running makes me feel connected to a group of people who love/hate running as much as I do.
I know that at any given moment there are a whole slew of people out there pushing themselves to 
 be a little faster,
go a little farther 
and try a little harder.

Other sports make me feel really competitive. I don't feel that way when I run. 
When I am in a race I feel so excited for everyone around me. 
It's so cool that we are all accomplishing a goal together.

Even though it's one of the hardest things for me to do, 
I hope that I will continue to take that first step and keep going, because I really do love how running has influenced my life.

Tonight I had a GREAT run. It's the first time since I started training again that I felt like I was in charge and I could run without dying. It motivated me to put a few designs together:
26.2: Black and white layered vinyl fits on a 12''X6'' board $15+Shipping

 I've got the runs:White vinyl fits on a 11''X4'' board $6+shipping

 Pavement: Black vinyl fits on a 16''X4'' board $7+ Shipping

Run away: Black vinyl fits on a 11''X4.5'' board $6+Shipping
If you need info about ordering, pop over to the Vinyl Market

Go runners! Have a great season!!


  1. Really cute signs Andy! I love/hate running too..in fact, as soon as I finish this comment I'm heading out for a run! Thanks for sharing.
    Alesha <3

  2. My thoughts exactly! I saw your Ogden medal in one of your pics...I'm doing that marathon this year!

  3. Awesome Holly! That's such good course. They really take care of you at all of the stops. I loved it...well most of it:)

  4. Just found your blog on accident...love this post as I am a newbie runner getting back into it after almost a year off. I linked to your post on my blog to show others your signs. They're great!


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