Friday, August 26, 2011

Fast forward to Halloween~

I apologize for jumping ahead...I really am not trying to ignore fall or the harvest and all of that goodness. I just had a thought for a Halloween sign and then I had to throw a few things together to see if it would work in a display.  

It measures 6'' X21.5'' and is pictured on a board that is 9"X22''

The cost is $8 and it comes in black or white vinyl.

The spooky vinyl $8 as well and measures 9''X21.5''. 

It is pictured on a board that is 16''X22.5''

Check out The Market for ordering information

Since we're on the subject of Halloween we might as well start advertising with a printable that there are things the kids can do to help us be less grouchy:)


  1. Does that round sign (in the 3rd picture) say "Now Welcoming Andy Collectors?" Weird.

  2. no hesitation, I printed out the sign. I NEED that in my house. Now!



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