Saturday, May 14, 2011

A winner and crazy cute paper crafts~

First of all, I need to announce the winner of the Fashion to Figure giveaway!

I was suppose to announce it yesterday, but couldn't bring myself to come in the house.
It was so warm and beautiful,  I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in front of a computer.

Many apologies. 

And many apologies to the insides of my knees. 

I didn't mean to burn the crap out of you.


You get to choose any item under $30 from the 

Thanks for entering and thank you to Fashion to Figure for the lovely gift!
Check them out for very affordable and trendy plus size clothing.

Moving right along.....

Ever tried your hand at paper crafts??

My BIL Ben has made some insanely incredible things out of paper. They always blow my mind. 
He made us a miniature of the first townhouse we bought as a Christmas ornament. So very cool!!

I'm incredibly impressed when people have the ability and creative intuition to turn paper into works of art.  
Here are a few great ideas from imeon design.

Her darling birds come in a variety of colors

What husband wouldn't be drop dead excited to open this fortune cookie?

I love the idea of taking a basket of strawberries to a friend on a hot summer day. 
Filled with yummy treats of course!

Bowls? Seriously, they are so very cool. 

What a great way to serve treats to your guests at a social get together.

Hmmm.. How about it? Would you want a paper bouquet at your wedding??...

I would. 

If it looked this fabulous. 

Hecka yes!!

I might draw the line at a paper dress. Gorgeous though.

On second thought, maybe I would wear a paper dress. 
I'm in love....

{{Click over and read some interesting history about paper dresses}}

I've seen many paper wreaths floating around,
but this simple brown wreath with butterflies has to be my favorite.

When I say simple I mean simple in style and color. It looks a bit complicated to make,
{{ but I'm sure you could do it!!}}

Just TRY to convince me that you don't LOVE this little bird made out of vintage receipts. 

If all the folding and intensity of paper crafting turns you off, try something like using different sized hole punches to create a paper chandelier. 

 Oh, so lovely.

What the coolest thing you've ever seen or made out of paper? Do tell!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Such cool things you can do with paper! I actually had a little paper sundress when I was about 10 years old, back in the 60's. I remember wearing it to vacation bible school. It was like wearing a paper tablecloth. So believe it or not, that is not a new thing at all.

  2. Hi Andy-
    Love the wedding flowers - they look divine. I had a paper dress too like Sharon mentioned in the above comment. It was in the 60's. It was white and lasted longer than you would think. I thought it was pretty cool to wear.
    My best- Diane

  3. I would love to see both of those dresses!! That's so cool!

  4. Love that paper bouquet, they are all amazing things. I love paper crafts.

  5. Paper crafts are one of my favorite obsessions! Put me on a desert island and all I would need is paper, glue and scissors. And maybe some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Fabulous dresses!


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