Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What this house needs is an oversized decorative wooden toolbox...


I haven't decided for sure exactly why my house needs an oversized toolbox, 
but if your house needs one too....here's how it's done.

 *4'X2' sheet of 1/2'' mdf, a dowel and a piece of plywood for the bottom

Measure and cut four 12'' pieces out of the sheet of mdf

Fold a paper in half and draw the shape of your sides, beginning 12'' up from the bottom.

Unfold the paper and trace it onto your board.

Cut the shapes out with a bandsaw

Measure and drill 1'' holes.

Nail it all together and cut a piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the toolbox.


The jury is still out on what to do with it.

I'll either use it to hold potted plants on the front porch
or put it in the entryway to collect shoes.


  1. Cool...I found an original very very large tool box on an antique yard sale. I turned it into a little boys toy box. New paint, raised letters on the outside that spelled TOYS and added short stumpy wooden feet on each corner of the bottom. Turned out really cute and sold quick!

  2. I like it for the front porch!! Great idea!

  3. Very cool- I love it! My house might need one too!

  4. We have an old wooden toolbox that my grandfather made. We use it for the kid's sidewalk chalk.

    K. Anne

  5. I can think of all sorts of things to put in that and not necessarily tools. What a fun project. You're such a builder.

  6. I think my house needs one of those too!!!

  7. Beautiful. I like it!
    Toy chest. Bottom of the stairs collect all. I have a kindling basket at the bottom of my stairs.

  8. I think it would be a great magazine holder.. I am going to ask my husband to help me build one and paint it in a funky color to hold all of our magazines:) You are too good girly!!


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