Monday, March 7, 2011

Scrappy skirt gone awry~

The master plan:

Cut this black skirt in half 

Cover it with thin scraps of fabric on both sides

Sew the scraps on and trim the edges

then sew the two pieces back together....

Duh moment:
I'm losing a couple of inches when I sew the skirt back together, and it's not going to fit me!!!

1. Scrap the scrappy skirt idea...
2.  Turn it into an apron
3. Flip it sideways and make a mini scrappy skirt for little miss.

Of course little miss Mira is always a cutie pie,
but I am kind of bummed I didn't think this one through well enough.

I really prefer the stripes going the other direction.
 I like to see all of the different fabrics at the same time.  

Ah well, we'll try it again another day.

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