Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love is a battlefield

Dearest Mira,

I promise it is alright if Addie chooses to eat the same cereal as you in the morning. You are still a very original lovable girl who's sparkling personality will always warm my heart. And I'm sorry that I wouldn't let you put on your own bandaid. It is now obvious to me how important that is to you.

Dearest Indi,

I'm sorry that you hated me for leaving you for an hour this morning to help out at the school. I promise I will always love you.  When I can't be there for you, I'll leave you in very capable loving hands. I am glad that you like to spend time with me and that you love being home.

Dearest Addie,

I know you are upset that I haven't taken you to get your haircut yet. I'm sorry that it makes you feel picked on when India gets a haircut. You are beautiful and smart and I love your enthusiasm. I'm sorry you were disappointed that I had to help the other kids in your class with their reading instead of you, and I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you told me you were sick and needed to come home with me.

Dearest Jeston,

I wish I had some red pants for you to wear today, but I just don't. I'm sure that it is just fine for you to only dress up on the top half of your body as Thing 1 to celebrate the b-day of Dr. Seuss. I'll bet you'll find that you are not alone when you get to school and that life isn't as bad as it seems.

Dearest Livy,

I'm sorry that the girls watch T.V. in your room and leave a mess and that Addie tries to wear your jacket to school sometimes. I know it can be hard being the oldest child in the family. Hang in there. It might not get easier, but it will certainly be an adventure.

This one is dedicated to my sweet kiddos
and all of the the mothers who are playing referee on the battlefield today.  



  1. That post brought a smile to my face. Motherhood certainly brings its challenges, doesn't it?

  2. Love this! I'm feeling it too and I only have 3 :)

  3. Love it...every morning my 14 yr.old and my 5 playout this very frustrating scenerio...they argue back and forth about silly stuff and it drives me crazy....I need that sign!

  4. Andy--that was a fantastic post!

  5. This brought a smile to my face and almost a tear:) it's all so true... such a juggling act- but so great too:)

  6. Dearest Andy, you are not only a great crafter, friend, and leader, but you are also a great mother and wife. Don't forget to give yourself credit too :)


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